Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Blahs

Christmas has come and gone pretty much uneventfully this year. I honestly just wasn't feeling it for some reason... Wait? No, I know the reason. I am grinchy because I am too busy with school to enjoy it. There is always next year.

There is also something about Christmas that makes you wish you had a significant other. It's ok being single in the summer... tonnes of scantily clad guys at the beach to flirt with... But it's a lot harder to find barely dressed dudes in the winter. Honestly, it would be nice to have someone to snuggle up with under a blanket and watch a movie at home.

I've talked to Rooster's guy a few times, but we haven't gone out again yet. He was away for work, and then away for Christmas. So who knows... On the bright side though, the cute guy that works at my gym asked me for my number the other day. Carrie Bradshaw is right... "All you need to get a date is another date."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Go 'Nucks!

Saturday night I went out with Rooster's Guy again. He came and picked me up around 5:30 and we headed downtown to check out the Canucks vs. Pittsburgh game. Since it was the first time Sydney Crosby had been here it was super packed. Even the freeway was backed up all the way to 200th street.

We eventually got there about 5 mins after the game started... which really worked out for us ├Ęcause we got awesome tickets from a scalper for not too bad of a price. They were Row 12, behind the Canucks bench for $200 a pop (and it REALLY worked out for me, since he paid $300 and I paid $100 lol). I’ve never been that close to Pyatt before... :)

The game as always was fun. I love live sports. We had some beers and some chicken burgers and cheered them on. It turned out to be a good game too. Crosby had a penalty shot... which he missed...haha. Also the game came down to a super-long shootout. We lost the game, but it was good times anyway.

Again Rooster's guy and I really got along. I bought him a Peek-a-Pooh and he liked it. It was Pooh in a beehive and it was winking. Oh... and he had gone out to buy some Trident gum since I told him it’s good for his teeth... Once again showing that he knows how to listen!

When we got back to my place I wanted him to come in and say hi, since my parents were having a party. He didn’t want to and I’m glad he didn’t becasue he would have gotten the total third degree from my parents’ friends. Apparently my uncle was asking my mom if he was coming for Christmas dinner... Let’s not rush things here!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

UCFV Bullshit

The other day I got my first phone call from a telemarketer. As a family we get a tonne... But this one was special...This person specifically asked for me.

She asked me (in broken English) if I wanted to sign up for a UCFV Alumni Mastercard.

First off who knew that UCFV had any want or need to have their own card? Certainly not me. Secondly, I'm perfectly happy racking up cash on my Dividends VISA, so I politely declined (aka yelled "NOT INTERESTED") and then slammed the phone down.

The thing that really bothered me though, is that a University-College on the verge of becoming a full-blown university would sell their former student's personal information to a credit company. I paid them thousands of dollars to attend and get my degree, and they repay me by sicking telemarketers on my ass? Honestly, I just don't think that is right! Under no circumstances should a college be giving out their students personal info. UCFV is BULLSHIT.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Date Night

The unthinkable happened: Rooster's guy called me... On the day he said he was going to!

After chatting for like 45 minutes we decided to go grab a drink and catch "American Gangster" at Colossus.

We met at Sharks Club and during drinks I couldn't tell if he was really interested. It seemed like he was looking around a lot, and not really looking at me. The conversation was good though, he remembered everything I had told him at Roosters, so he obviously really listens.

We left to go to the movie, which was pretty good. The only con was that it was 2 and a half hours long so it kinda dragged. But... we tuned that con into a pro: that long movie gave us plenty of time to cuddle! Well, as well as you can cuddle in those crappy theatre seats. They need couches in there I tell ya!

After the movie we went back to get my car and sat in the car talking for a bit. And then... he kissed me. And I actually had wanted him to hahaha.

Unthinkable thing #2: I went on a date and actually LIKED the guy!

There is honestly not usually anything wrong with the guys I go out with... We will have good conversation, and get along, but there just isn't that spark. He told me to call him... and I will, but I will give it a few days. Don't wanna scare this one away!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Bow Wow Wow Yippee-O Yippee-Ay

Friday night a bunch of us gals from school went out for one of the girl's birthday. She was turning 20 and that was the last of the teenagers in our class.

We headed out to Roosters early and had some food to avoid waiting in line. I was so glad we had decided to go there, 'cause I hadn't been in sooo long.

The night was awesome. We two-stepped, drank nasty shooters ("Farm Gas" = Whisky and Raspberry sour), sipped double long-islands and sang along to the band.

The best thing about Roosters is the wide selection of cute white boys. Honestly. I am done with downtown dudes... I wanna nice, cute, white hometown kinda guy.

After sitting at our booth for a while I convinced one of the girls to walk around and cruise for guys with me... Well it paid off. She pointed out a cute guy, who I went to talk to and ended up chatting with the rest of the night. We even slow danced to some U2 - With Or Without You (I was like wow this song totally reminds me of Ross on Friends). Did I mention I LOVE slow dancing.

I gave him my number before I left the bar, and then headed back to one of the girls houses and passed out to wake up to tonnes of snow the next day. What a great nite.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Goofy Goo

The funniest thing happened at school the other day.

We were learning how to do sealants on each other, and I was in the chair layed back, with one of the girls in my class getting me prepped for a sealant.

The teacher had just come over, and the girl had put the acid etch on my teeth, and put the cotton rolls into my mouth to keep the area clean. Since the area needs to be really dry we use the large suction (the one that looks like a bubble tea straw.)

As she was starting to suction the etch off I heard this perfect bubble popping sound inside my mouth. Smack your lips together and make the loudest suctioning pop sound you can... and imagine it really loud in your mouth... She had sucked up one of the cotton rolls into the suction machine! She was trying to get it out and it was stuck... and I started to giggle.

She was like "Danielle shhhh... Danielle stop..." but she was giggling as she said it, and that was making it funnier. Plus I had the acid etch stuff on my teeth still which doesn't exactly taste pleasant... and I was flicking it everywhere... But I couldn't stop giggling.

Then you could tell that my teacher, who is this older German dentist, was starting to laugh too, and trying really hard to keep his mouth shut.

Finally I couldn't hold it in any longer and started to really laugh and flail my legs and couldn't stop. There were tears just pouring from my eyes.

Then my teacher says "Wow... This is better than Mr. Bean" and I just lost it completely. Yeah, that is what lack of sleep will do to ya.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

me's gonna puke from cuteness

The new mascots for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are the freakin' cutest things I have ever seen!

They are:

Miga, the sea bear (orca whale that transforms into a spirit bear on land), who enjoys snowboarding...

Quatchi, the sasquatch that loves to play hockey...

Sumi, the part brown bear, part orca, part thunderbird...

and their sidekick... Muk Muk the marmot.

I included some pics so you can get an idea of their cuteness... But to get the full-meal-deal you need to visit the website: where you can watch an adorable movie about them and do the quiz to see which mascot you are. (I'm a "Quatchi.")

Oh... something fun for those of you like myself who are easily amused: When you drag your clicker over them they say their names... Do it fast and they rap. S-s-s-s-umi!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sex Trafficking

Last night after a delicious dinner of Pho and Bubble tea Jaelene and I decided to chill and rent a movie. We had a few mishaps as we were wandering aimlessly through Roger's Video: I accidently spat out a chunk of coconut jelly from the Bubble Tea onto the floor in the middle of the aisle, so I tried to kick it out of the way, but it stuck. I tried to kick it again, and it mooshed into the carpet. I was laughing so loud I could barely breathe, and then Jae snorted... Loudly. We should not be allowed to go out into public.

Anyways, I do have a point today. The video we finally rented was called "Sex Traffic," which was produced in 2005 by CBC. (Yes, CBC actually made something I liked watching.) I think it was originally a mini series, because there were spaces for commercials, although I don't think they would have showed the boobs on Channel 3.

In lacking a better vocabulary, I will say that this movie was really good. It wasn't an actual documentary, but it seemed like one. It really made me think and some of the things even made me yell out loud or just drop my jaw. The way these girls are preyed on and the things they go through are HORRIBLE. I would reccomend this to anyone who isn't in the mood for the usual dumb comedy, and wants a thinker.

Here is the back of the box so you can see for yourself:

"Five stories are interwoven from around the world, into one bold narrative, revealing now the trafficking of young women into sexual slavery is operating in cities throughout Europe, right here and right now.

At the heart of Sex Traffic is the story of two young Moldovan sisters, kidnapped and trafficked through Romania, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Italy to the dark side of London, betrayed by pimps and police, and fighting for their lives. The reverberations of their story are explosive, exposing far-reaching corruption that implicates big business in America and international peacekeeping forces in Europe alike."

Zipadee Do Dah

Last weekend we packed up the caravan and headed down to Burlington for the FOURTH time to do our bridesmaid shopping... And this time we actually brought the dresses back with us... YAY!

The dresses are super cute. I would describe them but I'm pretty sure Nicole would get mad at me, so you will have to take my word on it. I also brought back some super cute shoes. They are beigey-gold and have sequins and peeky-toes.

While we were in the states something funny happened: We lost our Mommy in the mall. My mom's phone was in my purse and she took off to go to Macy's, thinking we were going to be at David's Bridal for a while, but we finished up there quickly and decided to go looking for her.

Well there are 2 Macy's in the mall... and we wandered around a while looking for her. My sister's friend asked the lady at the desk if she would page my mom and the lady said no, thank God.... Because my mom would have KILLED us. We decided to go back to David's Bridal and there she was standing there in the parking lot, not looking too happy. Oh well.

Also in the states we went to "Shari's" for some breakie. The waiter didn't know what Orange Pekoe was. He was like "Huh? You want orange tea?"

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I have to say it: There is NOTHING worse than a needy, desperate GUY.

Girls are made to be needy. We have two X chromosomes, therefore we are emotional, we need self assurance, and yes, we can get a little clingy. I know that I personally can be clingy... but at least I know I have a problem and am taking steps to resolve it. And what do guys hate? Clingy girls. We hear all the time how guys hate clingy girls. A girl calls a guy twice in a row and she's immediately a stalker and never talked to by him again.

They fail to recognize that a lot of guys are the same way, but us girls put up with it a lot better.

I see how it can be hard for a dude. Us gals want a sensitive guy, and one that is attentive... just not TOO attentive because 1. it's annoying, and 2. we like the chase too.

Most guys are ok. Most of them aren't needy... or at least won't show it until a lil farther into the relationship (aka when THEY dump you and then call you crying wanting you back), but when a guy is clingy... he takes it to the next level. WAY beyond what even the clingiest (yes, I just made that a word) lady would do.

Think 10 missed calls in one night... Think adding you to MSN when you delete them from Facebook... Think asking you out for the 6th time when you have already politely declined 5 times before, forcing you to be kinda mean about it this time to get your point across, at which point THEY get upset and think you are a bitch. Well at least that is one way to get rid of them.

Am I right ladies? I need some feedback... aka... leave me a comment!

Do I look Brown?

So after playing phone tag for what was literally 2 weeks, I finally went out on a date with the guy I met when we crashed the party on Halloween.

I was supposed to meet him downtown, but I finished school early, so I went to meet him on the North Shore, where he lives. We totally got along and had fun and he made me laugh, but there are a few things that would make a relationship a little tricky:

1. I remembered him being super cute... and when I finally saw him he was... ok. I know looks aren't everything, but you need that spark.

2. He doesn't have a driver's license. This would not be a problem if we both lived downtown... But when he lives in North Van and I live in Langley, that makes things a little hard.

3. He is a bartender (Why are they ALWAYS bartenders???) who is TRYING to get into school... FILM school. Argh.

We met up and had some lunch and some drinks at the pub in N. Van... Then went back to his place so his friend could pick up some keys, and then it was just about time for him to go to work.

He asked me if on my way back downtown I could drop him off at work... which would be fine, if dropping him off was actually on my way home... but I couldn't say no without sounding like a bitch, so I agreed. Normally to get home from the North Shore I would take the freeway. Instead I had to drive from North Van to Kits to drop him off, then back to the valley. Well let me tell you... there is NO good way to get from Kits to Langley. Taking either Highway 1 or Highway 99 I would have a good half hour of city driving to do... plus the freeway driving. I was not impressed.

He called me that night... at 5:30 in the morning (Yikes.) Then the next night, at 12:30pm. Then the next night at 2:30am.

I didn't answer any of them... or return any of them... I kinda felt like a cow, but sorry, I just can't be anyone's taxi driver.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Quote of the Day

Friendship is like peeing your pants...

Everyone can see it...

But only you can feel its true warmth.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

gotta hit me up a toystore

I heard on the news yesterday that Toys'R'Us is recalling a toy for safety reasons... These little beads, when swallowed, turn into GHB in kids' tummies.

Too bad eh? I heard that Desperate Longer Ken was really hoping to get it on with Prom Queen Barbie tonight.

Halloween Numbero Deux

Halloween was a crazy ass night... So on Wednesday we decided to do it again!

Jae and I got all prettied up in our costumes, picked up some boys, and headed downtown to the Bourbon. Her friend Alan is a guitar player in this band called Mass Undergoe, who were playing a concert alongside Elise's friends who are in the band Tenant.

On the way down I pulled a full-on blonde moment. We were discussing what music we wanted to listen to, and I mentioned that I would put on the radio, but that it would be all house music. Jae was like "What do you mean?" and I'm like "It's all house music and I don't like all house music" and she's like "WHY is it house music?" and I'm like "It's Saturday night; It's all house music!" and she's like "Danielle, it's WEDNESDAY!!" DUH!!!!!

We got there and all the guys in Mass Undergoe were dressed up as the Spice Girls. It was awesome. Jae's friend was the best... He was Scary Spice and actually looked kinda good in drag. Honestly, he looked a lot like Tila Tequila in his gear.

After the concerts we decided to leave, and hit up good ol' Vanilla Room for a drink... Then we went to BP and then crashed. It was a fun nite.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Random and SOOO funny

Soooo... I have this program thingy on the internet that tells me about the people who visit my blog. I'm not like a crazy who can use it to go into their computers and steal their credit card info and buy myself a baby purple Hummer... Although the thought may crossed my mind ... But it tells me about what city people are reading from, what pages they viewed, how long they stayed, and where they came from.

The awesome part is where they came from.

There are the usual... My MySpace and Facebook pages are up there. So are my friend's sites (Nat and Prettie, you guys rock!) and the actual Blogger site.

The best part are the Google queries. I can see what people were searching for on Google when they came across my site... And let me tell you, people look up some WEIRD crap. I discovered this months and used it to freak out one of my friends... "So Elise, why were you looking yourself up on the internet today?" But I forgot about it for a while, only to re-discover it today.

Here are some of the Google searches. I swear I did NOT make these up:

"bartender+the pub+Danielle" ... ok, that one makes sense
"abbosford girls" ... and YES, Abbotsford WAS spelled wrong
"nice bum female" ... thanks!
"brazilian bunnytail" ... There were 3 of these
"accident port mann october 26th" ... and there were like 5 like this one
"Jaelene America's Next Top Model" ... I wonder who was looking this one up?
"Patullo Bridge Haunted" ... Could be?
"amir perri" ... Goondi Goochi?
"vancouver kid carson" ... dude is short

and my personal faves:

"Why can't I pee in straight line?" ... hmmm I have no idea?
"smelling female asscrack" ... yikes
"pee dancing females" ... double yikes

If you aren't laughing right now then there is something wrong with you.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

another one for ya...

The Lincoln - Kennedy Coincidence

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.
Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
Both were shot in the head.

Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln.
Both were assassinated by Southerners.
Both were succeeded by Southerners.
Both successors were named Johnson.
Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln was born in 1839.
Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy was born in 1939.
Both assassins were known by their three names.
Both names are comprised of fifteen letters.
Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse.
Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.
Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

And here's the kicker:

A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland.
A week before Kennedy was shot, he was in Marilyn Monroe :)

and you thought the number 23 was freaky...

Besides the part about the US bringing peace to the Middle East (riiiiiight) I found this kinda curious...

1) New York City has 11 letters.
2) Afghanistan has 11 letters.
3) Ramsin Yuseb (The terrorist who threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993) has 11 letters.
4) George W Bush has 11 letters.

This could be a mere coincidence, but this gets more interesting:

5) New York is the 11th state.
6) The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11.
7) Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11.
8) Flight 77 which also hit Twin Towers, was carrying 65 passengers. 6+5 = 11.
9) The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is now known. 9+1+1 = 11.
10) The date is equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911. 9+1+1 = 11.

Sheer coincidence..?! Read on and make up your own mind:

11) The total number of victims inside all the hi-jacked planes was 254. 2+5+4 = 11.
12) September 11 is day number 254 of the calendar year. Again 2+5+4= 11.
13) The Madrid bombing took place on 3/11/2004. 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 11.
14) The tragedy of Madrid happened 911 days after the Twin Towers incident.

Now this is where things get totally eerie:

The most recognised symbol for the US, after the Stars & Stripes, is the Eagle. The following verse is taken from the Quran, the Islamic holy book: "For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrathof the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced: for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah and there was peace." That verse is number 9.11 of the Quran.

Still uncovinced about all of this? Try this and see how you feel afterwards: Open Microsoft Word and do the following:

1. Type in capitals Q33 NY. This is the flight number of the first plane to hit one of the Twin Towers.
2. Highlight the Q33 NY.
3. Change the font size to 48.
4. Change the actual font to the WINGDINGS.

What do you think now?!! Perhaps Bill Gates was responsible for 9/11? Huh? HUH?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i ain't 'fraid 'a no ghost...

To start off Halloween Jae and I met up with her friend downtown and had some dinner... FYI... Greek food=Greek burps, ew. We got into our super cute Gretel and Gretchen the Oktoberfest Beer Girl costumes and headed out.

Even though we got to Plush at like 9:15 and we were on the VIP list there was already a huge line. GREAT! Finally we got in and got some drinks.

These two guys approached us and asked if we wanted some shots, so we agreed and walked over to the bar with them. Where they asked us what we wanted... then proceeded to order two tequilas for themselves and walk away.... OK guys... That is NOT the way to pick up girls!

We saw some girls dancing in this cage thing that is up by the DJ booth... So we decided that WE needed to be those girls. I asked a bouncer how we could get up there and he was a jerk and told me that I needed to be invited and I wasn't going up there... Well where there's a will there's a way. One of the promoters came upto us and asked if he could take our pic for the website. I said of course and asked who we needed to be invited by to get in the cage... Well it was him. So we danced up there for a while, sipping our free Alize's.

After that we were kinda done with the club, so we decided to grab some pizza and head home. As we were leaving I saw this guy I kinda recognized. I was like, "Jaelene... That is Kid Carson." And she's like "No it's not, he's taller than that." So we walk out behind him and hear him talking and it is indeed Kid Carson.

We leave and walk up the street to get a cab... And Kid and his friends (who are dressed as the "Dick in a Box" guys) walk up behind us, where one of them starts talking up Jae. Kid doesn't say hi and prettymuch keeps walking, and his friends follow and one tells us to come... So after a long walk we arrive at Republic, where we get in free and don't wait in line... So that was good. But I felt like a total loser for following Kid's "Entourage" across Vancouver. The best part was that they didn't know that we knew who he was hahaha. Jaelene was like "Kid, nope that name doesn't sound familiar.... Oh no, I don't listen to the radio in the morning!"

We stay at Republic for a while. One of my friends was there and was super wasted and telling off the bartender. Then we decide we really need to go home and get some pizza this time, so we start walking to the place we are staying downtown.

We get to the building finally after talking to plenty of randoms and having some Numero Uno (YUM) along the way, but before we go inside we notice a house party on the 1st floor... Which we decide to attend. So we go in and all these guys are chatting us up, and it's open bar... So we hang around for a while. I ended up talking to this one guy and gave him my number... So we'll see if he calls. Jaelene ended up dj-ing... But she wasn't very good hahaha.

Then we finally went home where I slept in the comfiest bed ever... And thus ends Halloween... Well until the real Halloween that is ;)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally Updates!

Helloooo people! I know it has been 2 weeks or so since my last post, but it has been 2 weeks of hellish studying and writing final exams for me. 'Nuff said. Just because I haven't been putting my thoughs out there, doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of stuff to write, so I have a little update of mini's for you:

- The other day on the Beat there was an ad for Urban Body Laser, saying that if you came in to get a Brazilian you could get your "Bunny Tail" done for free. Well that's a nice way of putting it... I prefer hairy ass crack, but to each their own.

- Also on the Radio I heard that DJ Jazzy Jeff is coming to town to do a concert. That guy is still alive? Who knew?

- Oh, and speaking of The Fresh Prince... One of the girls on this season of "America's Next Top Model" looks like Will Smith's twin. At least she's better looking than a girl who was on a few seasons ago that looked like "Miss Jay."

- I just finished reading the worst book ever. It's called "Tidal Wave" and it's one of the many "dirty" novels my mom gave me a garbage bag filled with to read when I was bored. Anyways it's too bad for words. Good thing I read the whole thing. Why can't I be a quitter?

- I SERIOUSLY put my foot in my mouth the other day: I was telling this guy how I am scared shitless of semi trucks because I am sure that is how I am going to die... And he was like "Well they know what they are doing," and I'm like, "Yeah right they do! They are the worst!" ... Then he tells me about how his uncle and dad drove semis... His dad who passed away 5 years ago. Way to go Danielle! Insult someone's dead father!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bridges... Grrr

I had school at 1:00 today, and I had some extra reading to do so I left home at 11:45...I got to school at 2:20....It SUCKED!!!

There was a huge accident on the Port Mann bridge, so Highway 1 was completely blocked off at the 104/160th street exit and traffic was diverted into Surrey. My only other option was to take the Patullo... So then I sat in traffic on the King George... forever.

Also, I had to pee SO BAD. I was praying for a gas station, but alas, there were none in sight. Finally I saw a Chevron... Peeing has never felt so good.

I got back on the road and once I hit the bridge traffic wasn't too bad.

Please people... DRIVE CAREFULLY. If not for your own sake, then for the sake of the hundreds of people who have to be hours late for school because you drive like an ass.

z z z zoooser

My parents got back from their Mediterranean (spelling?) trip a few weeks ago, and yesterday my sister and I received the postcards they had sent while they were in Egypt. Here is the one I got:

See what is says? ZOSER. Yes, my parents think I'm a Zoser. I'm a big Zucking Zoser!

Friday, October 05, 2007

My New Favourite Car

Just in case any of you happen to win the lottery soon and decide to buy me a car... This is the one I want: a BMW 2007 650i Cabriolet. Look at it... It's just be-a-u-tiful!

Look at its beautiful front:Look at its beautiful ass: Look at it's beautiful guts:How hot would I be in that car? LOVE IT!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What I Remember...

Well people, Danielle tied one on Saturday night. I mean, I was DRUNK!

After I dropped my parents off at home from their trip I busted my bum to get ready and headed out to Vancouver to meet up with some girlfriends from school. I told them to have a nice, strong drink ready for me.

Well when I got there, I drank it... All 4 shots of it... And another martini... And had some sips of Smirnoff Ice.

We headed to the club, but the lineup at Republic was a little crazy, so we headed to old faithful, aka the Stone Temple. Once there I had a shooter and another drink. This is where things get hazy.

I do recall the bartender letting me behind the bar... Where I proceeded to tell him that we had fooled around before, which was true, but it was a long time ago and he didn't even remember. Embarassing much? OUCH! But I mean he is a bartender so I'm sure he takes a LOT of girls home. Also at the bar I apparently grabbed Jae's ex bf's drink (straight up Vodka) and dumped it into my drink. Luckily they saw and she took it away from me.

I remember puking in the bathroom and Jaelene taking me home, where I puked more. A LOT mroe. She took my bra off so I would be more comfy, and apparently I was squirming around and giggling and said "Ooh, I've never had a GIRL take my bra off before!" and she got me some sweatpants. Then she tucked me in to the comfiest bed ever.

(ASIDE: Shit... I just remembered the water I put on the stove to make myself some KD has probably been sitting there boiling for like 10 mins.)

I woke up to a major headache, and the news that my Papa had passed away the night before. Sad, I know. It was expected though, and honestly I'm not supremely upset about it or anything. I almost feel like I should be more upset, but he had Alzheimers and Dementia anyways and hadn't recognized me for a while. That is life I guess.

Mother Mary

So a few mornings lately I have felt kinda nauseous... And my boobs have been strangely sore. I know what you are thinking.... She's preggo!

Well if I am it would have had to been an immaculate conception... So I have been thinking of names for the new little one.

I think Jesus Jr has a nice ring to it, but it might be kinda obvious. What about Godfrey? You know, after his papa... But what if it's a girl... Jesusina?

Oh wait, I know... Sister Mary Clarence. Maybe she'll come out with dreads.... That would be cool!

Do Your Exercises!

This is very strange:

I was sitting at the airport, waiting for my parents to arrive from London when I came across a "Hedonics" catalogue. It's just a catalogue full of various cool or helpful stuff you can order and I was flipping through it as I waited.

I turn to page 42... and what do I see? Well an Adjustible KEGEL Exerciser.... That's what! It is pretty much a miniature thigh master that you stick in your coochie to strengthen the coochie muscles.

The kicker is that it costs 50 bucks! I'd rather just get tight by not being a whore, thanks!

Anyways, I had doubts people would believe me... So I scanned it. Take a look... And don't forget to do your exerces... I'm doing mine right now ;)

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Question

Scene: You are driving in your car with your best friend.

You: Wow... check out that chick in the F150 with the short hair... is she ugly or what?

Friend: Chick? I thought that was a dude! A hot dude!

You can see what I'm getting at here: people who you can't tell at first glance if they are a man or woman. I'm not talking cross-dressers, or people who are "stuck in the wrong body." I'm talking people who just have that look where you can't tell either way. I mean I saw a dude at the pub on Saturday night with the longest, lushest hair ever... Like Pantene Pro-V hair. Why? Why?

We all know they exist... The question is do THEY know they exist? Does the chick in baggy jeans and a hat know she looks like a boy? Does the dude with the Angelina Jolie lips know he looks a little femme? If you are one of those people who people take a minute to decipher their sex do you know?

Rules of Engagement

My sister was reading my blog the other day and asked me why I hadn't written about her engagement... (Which FYI happened on February 24, so yeah, quite a while ago.) I told her that I only write about things that people care about... aka MY life.

But anyways to appease here here it is... I am letting her write a little blurb about it. Hopefully it's better than her journal. I started to read that shit and threw it back on the floor because it was so boring. So here goes:

Hi, I'm Nicole, Danielle's younger sister who is getting married BEFORE her. At least she's better looking than me, so she has that going for her... What? You think I'm too young to get married? What do you know old fart? 21 is the new 30 ok! Did I mention I asked Danielle to pop the huge-ass zit on my back today?

Ok... wait... No, that's still me. I know what she would have said anyways and that was it word for word.

Are you happy now Sis? People know you're engaged. They also know you have backne. Hope you're happy!

PS. The wedding dress is actually really nice and so are the bridesmaid dresses. I'm gonna be hot!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sometimes it is nice to stop and smell the roses... Or in my case enjoy the scenery on my long, boring drives to and from school.

This morning driving to school it was foggy, and coming down the hill to the Port Mann was cool, cause it looked like I was driving into a big cotton ball.

The previous day it was super rainy... But then the weather had cleared up right when I reached the bridge... So it was sunny and rainy and cloudy at the same time, and there was a big rainbow spawning the river. The colours were: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and Brown... Yes brown, it's the Fraser River ok!
Oh, and speaking of rainbow... For some reason that is beyong me I had the theme song to "Reading Rainbow" is my head today.... SO TAKE A LOOK, IT'S IN A BOOK... A READING RAINBOW!!


The worst part about school is the stress... And the worst part of the stress is breaking out. Especially when I have been in school all summer long and have no tan. I can joke about it now, because my skin has cleared up, but last week I had some bigguns! This is what I looked like:
I know right.
I am 23 years old for Chissakes! Enough is enough!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Timber, Timba and ... Good Charlotte?

I went to the Justin Timberlake concert September 5th and it was grrrrreat!

Good Charlotte opened the show. Yeah I know... Kind of a strange combination. They weren't actually too bad though. The highlight was them singing that song: "Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money," which I had totally forgotten about. That song is good damnit! I went to the show with Elise and we spent the whole opening act screaming: "Oh my God! It's Good Charlotte... Oh my God, like the lead single like totally looked at me, he like totally likes me." ... "Oh yeah right, he like totally told me that he's like leaving that whore Nicole Richie for me ok!"

Then... out came Justin... Oh yeah!
He put on a really good show with lots of dancing, which he is really good at, obviously. He also played a buncha instruments... piano, guitar, keyboard around the neck thingy.

What I really liked about the concert though is that he seemed like a real, genuine person. First off he said the F-word few times... I was like huh? Justin? Wow! Also, he was funny.... When he first came out he was like "Ok, I may be Captain Obvious here, but this is my first show in Vancouver," and talked about how he was supposed to be here in 2003 but the show was cancelled because of customs (You're telling me buddy, I had tickets for that!) Then he went on to say that it "smelled funny" in GM Place... and near the end of the concert yelled: "If you got it left, smoke it!" He also said that he had noticed something about Canadians... and did a "drinking" motion... Then got everyone to cheers him and did a shot of tequila.

Halfway through the show Timbaland came out and they did a few songs together... Then Justin took a break and Timba spun some songs... Including some Aaliyah and some The Fray. The Justin came back up and finished up the show.
All in all it was really good and I would totally go to see him again. We also had really good seats, which was great. Next up I'm going to watch the Rihanna/Akon concert in a suite for FREE on Saturday! YAY!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Oopsie Doopsie

Ok people... So you remember the "He's Just Not That Into You" guy? Well as it turns out he actually WAS sick with food poisoning, missed 2 days of work and all that jazz. Hey, I feel for him... my last night/plane ride home from Cuba was NOT fun.

He sent me a message on Facebook explaining himself, because he wasn't really impressed with me blogging about him being a liar... oops! So here it is, my official retraction: dude is not a liar.

Honestly though, it's not my fault I didn't believe him. It's like the story of the boy who cried wolf... When he actually told the truth no one believed him... See? I have been lied to so many times by guys that when one is actually telling me the truth I think it's bullshit. Wow, I am jaded... or is it bitter? No, not bitter yet, maybe in a few years.

After this whole ordeal the guy, who we will now refer to as "two-times guy" ... for the two times he stood me up ... (which I think is better than "food poisoning guy," ) and I went out for some drinks and a movie last Friday. It was actually really fun. He was pretty funny... (or was it the 5-ish drinks I consumed?) and we got along really well. Everything was great except the movie. FYI: NEVER EVER go see Halloween. It is the worst movie I have ever seen... literally.

Monday, September 03, 2007


I am still house sitting for my uncle, and it has led me to think about a certain question... Can cats, and other animals, be gay?

I recently caught one of my uncle's male cats giving the other one an RJ (you know... rim job...) while the other cat licked that cat's head. Yeah I know, it was gross... But it made me think... are they gay?

It's my personal belief that homosexuality has to do strongly with genetics, and MAYBE some upbringing. I disagree that people "choose" that lifestyle, because I don't know why people would choose a life that is likely to make things harder on themselves... So if people can be gay by some random mix of DNA, then why not our furry friends too? Think about it... But not too hard you pervert!

Also I was thinking... If I buy them some pink furry collars I have just under a year to walk them in the Gay Pride Parade next year. I'm so excited!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Shut up and Drive

I have been communting to school and/or work for a good couple years now. As you can probably figure out, it's not that fun, so I need to do things to keep myself amused. My preferred choice of self-amusement is to sing and car-dance to music... Especially music from the 90's and early 2000's. This can be a little tiring sometimes though, so I just stare out the window.

Through the window while driving you can see some pretty weird stuff, especially when you drive as much as I do... Sometimes you can see the person beside you singing along to the same radio station as you... Sometimes you see people picking their noses.... Sometimes you see them checking you out. But lately, I have seen some things stranger still:

- A dude reading a newspaper, and another reading a flyer in their cars. (Really SAFE guys.)

- A guy whose license plate is "BOX LVR." (It was on a Porche Boxter, but still... double ententre much?)

- A guy driving down 200th street on a tractor sipping on a Slurpee. (It was blue.)

- A person shaving, and a person brushing their teeth in their cars. (Yum.)

- An old lady in a driving school car and for good reason... because she was the worst driver ever. She stopped about 3 car lengths behind the car in front of her at the light, then when it changed she sat there for 20 seconds... and then gunned it. Take her licence away for good... please!

- A lady driving with a neck brace on. (In her defense she is Asian, so even if able she probably wouldn't have shoulder checked anyways.)

- Lastly, a remarkably high number of people walking with umbrellas to keep the sun off them (like 6 in one day.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finally... I am learning

As most of you know, I never seem to learn my lesson when it comes to guys. I meet a guy, jump in heart first, get emotionally involved too early, and end up hurt. I also come on too strong and scare guys away, but that is a different story... Ok well there probably is a connection but that isn't the point.

(I will preface this by saying I had recently re-read "He's Just Not That Into You." That book makes you think I tell ya.)

Last Wednesday I was supposed to hang out with a guy for the first time, but he cancelled on me saying that he had forgotten that he had a work thing that he was required to attend and asked if we could reschedule. I agreed and we planned to hang out on Saturday. I told him that since he had cancelled it was upto him to plan something super fun. He let me know that he had something good planned and I was getting excited. Saturday came around and it was rainy, so we couldn't do the big suprise, but he was going to go for lunch with a friend then come over and hang out with me. I didn't hear from him until around 3, when I got a text saying that he wasn't feeling well.

Normally I would have been all like "Oh no problem..." and reschedule again... But YES, I have learned my lesson. If the guy wanted to hang out with me that much he wouldn't have cancelled. I texted back saying that if he didn't want to hang out with me he could just say so, to which he replied that he wouldn't lie about something like that. Sure buddy! I wrote back saying that I am a smart girl and after two times can take a hint... Well I got no reply, meaning I was right. He's just not that into me... and that's fine!

Smart Guys

Today I went to the library at UBC to do some research for my school projects. We were in the Woodward Library, which is library for the medical/dental/biology-type students. Right when we got there I saw two hot guys... And since they were in that building it also means that they are smart... And possibly becoming doctors... That is HOT. (Don't read too much into this if you are reading it Matt... You are still a nerd!)

Well anyways, it got me to thinking that I really should go hang out there more often. There's nowhere to meet smart guys in Langley... Believe me. Hells Angels yes, good looking intelligent men, no. You aren't going to meet any doctors hanging out at UCFV either. Every dude there is either taking criminology or kinesiology... Translation: wannabe cops and gym teachers. No thanks.

Oh yeah... While we were there we were researching infectious diseases. I am doing my paper on Ebola (so cool) and was looking through this huge book with pictures of different diseases. I happened to turn to the the STD section and it was not pretty. There was a pic of a guy who had HPV on his dick and it was all bumpy and it looked like there was caviar on it. SICK I tell ya. No glove no love people!

The Sitting of the House

Again I am house sitting... And I lasted more than 3 hours this time... YAY!

My aunt and uncle are away so I am staying at their house in Coquitlam with their two cats. Although these cats aren't possessed hell-cats like the ones I previously encountered, they are still quite a pain in the ass. First off one of them peed on my favourite jeans... While they were in my duffel bag... He did manage to do it without getting pee on anything else though, so I guess that was kinda thoughtful... If cats think? They think about food I guess... And sleeping... Well I guess they sleep without thinking about it... Ok Dani, stop Spiralling... Back to the story... They also tend to wake me up in the middle of the night (FYI it was 4 times last night,) by either chewing on my toes or standing by my face and meowing... Loudly. Neither of them are too fun... But I do manage to bring the toe biting into my dreams... (Read into that what you want!)

The house in Coquitlam is in a quaint little gated community, and to go with the 50's style community their house happens to be where stuff from the 70's goes to die. There is a lot of GHETTO stuff here. Furniture: ghetto, washer and dryer: ghetto, gate clicker: SUPER ghetto. My uncle's cell phone is hardcore Zack Morris style. In their bathroom is what I believe to be the first digital scale ever invented. You get the picture. Along with the ghetto stuff there are a lot of stuffed animals. Some of them are from the 70's too... Or at least the 80's.

The best part about staying here is that they left the new Harry Potter book. I am almost finished it... You can do it Harry... You tell 'ol Voldy who's boss!


Hello... Hello... Helloooo

I just wanted to drop a quick "hi" to my new readers... I know that makes me sound super conceited ( I'm totally going to be at local celebrity status soon... Like Kid Carson or Tamara Taggert or Taylor Pyatt ... swoon) but I don't mean it like that! I'm glad I can keep you guys amused and that you care enough to read about my life. Keep up with the reading and go ahead and bug me when I have been lazy... Sometimes I need a good kick in the ass. I also love comments!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Midterms are over now, but that doesn't mean the stress is gone. So far we have gotten our marks back on a few tests and I did really well. (I even tied for best mark in the dreaded Microbiology.)

Tomorrow we are supposed to find out what they are doing about the whole Radiology two-test situation. The whole thing is bad news. Our teacher is mad and thinking about quitting and all the students are worried about our grades. The whole thing is just bull.

Besides that we have a whole ton of assignments due soon. We have 4 due on the 14th of September, then one the Monday after that, and then 2 more after that... or is it 3? I can't even keep them straight anymore. I mean at least some are interesting (a disease... I think I am going to do Ebola,) but some are sooo boring. Streptococci vs Staphylococci? BOOOO.

Weekend ... YAY

Friday after midterms I hosted an apres-midterm BBQ celebration for the students in my class. I think it got pulled off pretty well. 12 out of the 30 students in our class showed up. We all had fun drinking and eating burgers and making fun on the only guy there (MANSLAW!)

After the BBQ the 5 of us who had stuck it out to the end decided that we needed to hit up the bar and let off some steam. We got ready to go, (one of the girls even let my sister cut her hair while they both were drunk,) and headed to Vanilla Room.

When we first arrived it was kinda dead, but then in about a half hour it picked up. I had a really good time chatting it up with EVERYONE... bouncers (including the ones that kicked me out before,) bartenders (including "bartender boy"... still cute... sigh) and random girls in the bathroom. I was also wearing heels that were way too high for me and I had trouble walking so I looked way drunker than I was. The girls who came with me were to quote my mom "a hoot." They are way more fun outside of school.

At the end of the night I spent a half hour talking to the front doorman while two of the girls played with the ID swiper thing. The door guy was wearing a bulletproof vest which I found kinda funny... I was like "Dude, you're in Langley... You are gonna get stabbed, not shot!" He added me to Facebook the next day and is super funny. He says that he graduated from USU - Ultimate Snuggler University. My kinda guy!

Speaking of that... He was one of 5 guys to leave me messages on Facebook that morning. I am a Facebook PIMP!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Upset, Angry and a little bit Nauseous...

So... it is midterm week at school. Yikes.

I'm just gonna say it: I am pretty smart. If I study for a test I am probably going to do well on it. We had one midterm last week and I'm pretty sure I did fine. This week we have 5 more.

I went to school this morning and wrote one midterm which went just dandy. I probably got in the 80's to 90's. After that, because we were finished writing so early, a bunch of us took off to IHOP for some yummy grease before our second midterm of the day.

Upon our return we discovered that our school is trying apparently trying to make us fail our afternoon test. According to the administration the test our teacher made up for us wasn't long or hard enough, so as well as writing it we were going to write an extra exam... So we then had a 40-question exam AND a 50-question exam to write. Ok fine... 90 questions for a midterm is reasonable.

BUT, the kicker is that the 50-question exam contained questions about information we hadn't even learned yet! They said that they will take out those questions... but who is to say that they will do it fairly?

ALSO, even the original exam contained questions (6 or 7 of them, out of 40) that weren't in our notes, after our teacher had told us that 99% of the exam would be taken directly from the notes! If she had told us to study the notes and the text I would have! Instead I studied only the notes so I had no idea of the answers.

I probably got about 75% on the original exam (not great) ... and like 45%?? on the harder one. When we need 70% to pass this does not make me very happy. Nor does it raise my confidence for the 3 upcoming exams this week. Sometimes I just want to give up!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Strange Day

Ok... So today has been a little weird. Not a lot weird... But a little bit. I am in a weird mood and I need to blog-it-out.

I woke up at 6 am this morning feeling surprisingly rested and happy. Then I got to school and had lab... Did some probing... Made some probing jokes:

"Ok...Put it in." "It is in." "Well it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!"

"Harder... Deeper...Faster."

"I'm going to stick my probe into your 4-inch pocket."

... and so on and so forth. Honestly... I don't try to be the class clown... but I am just funnier than anyone else there.

After lab we had Head and Neck Anatomy. After about the first 15 minutes of that class I started to get this major rage welling up inside of me. Part of it was finding out that we were going to have 3 assignments due in Microbiology that the teacher hadn't even told us about yet. Then there was his alluding to someone who was arguing their mark on a quiz question ... Well it was ME ok! I admitted to the whole class that it was me! But the biggest part of it is the super annoying lady (see my previous post.) I just can't take her!

After a delicious lunch of "sush" we came back for some Microbiology. (Wow protozoans sure cause a LOT of different kinds of diarrhea.) The teacher told me to shut up and face the front. He also told CeCe that he wanted to play hockey with her and he wanted her to be the goalie so he could shoot slap-shots at her face. It's such a loving, caring, nurturing environment! Also during that class I got into one of those moods where you start laughing and can't stop even when you are crying. ("Well why do they allow cats in the delivery room?")

After Micro I went home, had some salmon, watched some Big Brother (not the same since Nick was booted) and then studied for a bit. Then I watched Canadian Idol.

Now it is now. Wow that's some deep thought there. Bedtime. Oh wait my sister just walked in the door and she is being a bitch. Just thought I'd throw that in for good measure.

Canadian Idol... You make me SAD

I took a study break tonight to watch Canadian Idol (yes, I am a loser, thanks.)

Well, watching it honestly made me a little nauseous because first off my fave 3 were the bottom 3 of the night... And secondly my very favourite, Greg, got kicked off.

It was so sad. He is an amazing singer (not to mention good looking) and had performed really well the night before.

All I can say is that maybe it's a blessing in disguise and he can release a CD sooner, which will be way better than if he released a cheesy Canadian Idol one. And I will buy it. And listen to it. While picturing him. Naked. (Just kidding! ...?)

The funny thing is too that he was on the show last year and got voted off early and I did a rant about it. Wow, I'm predictable.

Anyways back to the matter at hand which is that Greg's hot... I mean that he will be sorely missed.


There is this 40-something lady in our class who has been a dental assistant for like 20 years and has something to say about EVERYTHING. All topics... all discussions... to do with class or not... she ALWAYS has something to say.

At first I just wanted to tell her to "suck it," (and I did the gesture behind my head for CeCe to see,) but that just isn't satisfying me anymore. I really want to yell at her: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"


Honestly... I don't care if you have been in the profession for a long time. (And by the way with all the shit we are learning we are catching upto her anyways.) I don't care if you are the queen of the world. Sit there and stop sucking up and shut your fucking face... Because I can't take it anymore!

Monday, August 06, 2007

August Long

Ooook... Well I didn't do a whole lotta anything this August long weekend. It is officially a year until my sister gets married and moves out though... So that is a plus.

Friday night I had a headache so I just stayed home and went to bed early. Lame, I know! Something interesting did happen Friday though... The guy who I had been talking to/texting back and forth with, then went to Merritt and I had barely heard from since texted me. I had given up on him... especially since his status on Facebook had changed to "in a relationship" with some girl (with HUGE fake boobies) ... But then on Thursday it went back to "single" and then he texted me Friday. Hmmm convenient! So we will see what happens there.

Saturday was "family fun night" so I stayed home and family dinner and played some cards and some "Apples to Apples." I lost... Bad.

Sunday I went across the line to Burlington ( home of the famed coat factory... they're more than great coats) to go shopping for my sister's wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. The border wait was less than fun... except for sticking my head through the sunroof and waving at the little kids in the car behind us. We did find some fabulous bridesmaid dresses though. I can't wait to wear them... They are SO cute!

Monday (today) I pretty much sat on my ass and did nada... Well I did do the dishes... So that's something. Tomorrow is back to school. Which means that midterms are almost here... argh!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

What NOT to Do

On Monday this baseball player from the Vancouver Canadians I had sorta been seeing/talking to came over and we watched a movie. He lives in the USA so he billets while in Vancouver, and he's not allowed to have girls over so he came to my house instead.

The only problem there was that he doesn't have a car, so I drove from where I was in Burnaby/New West to Vancouver, picked him up, and brought him back to Langley with me. I planned on dropping him off at the Skytrain in Surrey later... So it was kinda a lot of work.

We stopped at Roger's to grab a movie... Which I paid for and he didn't even offer to, even after me driving his ass around for an hour.

We got back to my house and watched a movie. I was going well until about an hour later when I went into the bathroom and discovered that he had left me a little "present" in the toilet. No, not a little stain... WAY worse. Take what you are thinking right now and make it 3 times grosser and then you will know. FLUSH TWICE BUDDY.

That was pretty much the end of me ever wanting to cuddle him again. Ew. Ew. Ew.

The Fray - Deer Lake Park

I saw The Fray once again, this time at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, and once again they were great.

The sun was out, we were relaxing and drinking beers on a blanket, there were cute guys for us to look at, I had just been rescued from the "Hell Cats" ... what more could we want?

There were 2 opening bands which were ok... Then The Fray took the stage around 8.

They did all the songs on their CD, as well as some new songs and some different, fun stuff. The best was when they did Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" ... So funny. Oh, and the drummer is kinda cute.

They ended the show then for the encore did "Cable Car," where they dragged a buncha people up from the audience to go on stage. After that they did "Look After You"... and mixed a little "Wonderwall" in there... It was awesome.

So far the Fray are 2 for 2 in great concerts. Can't wait for the next CD to come out.

The Hell Cats

At this moment I was supposed to be house-sitting for a family in Burnaby. Last Sunday I packed up all my stuff: clothes, pillow, school books, food etc. and headed out there. I arrived brought in all my stuff and all was good.

Then I went to clean the litter boxes. Yes... There are 4 of them... For 2 cats. These people REALLY love their cats. Like people. So I do that and they are kinda following me around and one of them (the small one, not the 18-pounder) starts to growl and hiss a little, but I pay it no attention.

The cats have followed me around a little as I explored, the one still doing a bit of hissing and growling. Then I went downstairs, grabbed a couple taquitos to throw in the over, and came back up. Well they were blocking the top of the stairs. I tried to go by and the cat really started to growl and hiss bad... I kept walking... and it ATTACKED ME!! All 4 of its legs were wrapped around my leg, claws bared! I shook it off and rushed to the kitchen to discover that I was totally bleeding!

I decided to go upstairs and get a band-aid and some ointment, only to discover I was totally trapped in the kitchen. They were blocking the entrance! Then my phone (which was in the living room) rang and I couldn't even get to it.

I used some treats to distract them and get by to my phone....But when I tried to go upstiairs again they were too smart to be tricked by the treats. After being attacked once again I called the neighbour that usually feeds the cats to come over.

She was shocked they were acting like this...Especially when the one that was really acting crazy was the usually quiet one that hides. She called the other neighbour to come over.

Long story short (well it's already long but I could make it longer,) I decided to get the hell outta dodge and never come back.

I hate those crazy hell cats! I was sooo rattled that I was actually crying! And I am a cat person too! You might think this is funny... But it was actually scary... Especially the trapping me parts!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is New?

OK I said that I was gonna keep this baby up-to-date. Apparently I lied. I think the problem is that I let it get so far behind that I have been dreading all the work to get it up to date...So I thought screw it. We will just say that the last month and a half is a mystery, forever lost in time, and I will start again fresh in the present.

Ok so I won't quite do that... I will give you a bit of basic info:

CUBA: All in all it was fun, but I wouldn't go back. Mexico is better. Highlights: Havana, boat cruise, beaches, friends I met. Downfalls: nasty food, rainy weather, mosquitoes.

BOYS: Met a guy in Cuba that lives in Victoria... He came to Van once and we hung out and I haven't heard from him since, but I didn't feel like putting that kinda effort in anyways. Then after that I was hanging out with my friend's ex for a while, but before anything happened we both decided that it wasn't right and now we are friends. Then my friend tried to hook me up with this guy. He is cute but I think he is gay and doesn't know it yet. We had a date and I cancelled. This other guy (SOOO good looking) who used to date one of the girls on my dance team was totally calling and texting me 24/7 for like a week... Then he went to Merritt and has kinda been MIA ever since. I pretty much think he met some girl up there. So good luck to him. Then last weekend I went club hopping with my friend and met a guy at the Roxy. He is from Maryland here playing baseball. We have been texting and are supposed to hang out when he gets back from his road trip.

SCHOOL: I am in week 6 of school now. Last week I had 5 tests, all of which I did surprisingly well on...Apparently I've still got it! I also have a test in about 15 minutes, but it's open book.

LIFE: Don't really have one.... HAHA. School, sleeping, watching reality tv (go Big Brother!) I haven't been to the beach yet this summer.

COMING UP: This weekend Sat- either Vanilla Room or downtown. Sunday - The Fray concert! YAY!

Now that this baby is current I will try to keep it current. No more slacking!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

CUBA - Varadero

Elise and I went into Varadero twice. One day we hiked 'er our there, and the other we took this big, red double decker bus. I must say... taking the bus is a little easier in that type of heat! When it's not an hour and a half LATE that is! Oh well, Cuban time...What can ya do?

The first time we went I got my hair braided in this little marketplace. Not all braided, just the top. They were super cute... and they lasted a whole day! YAY!
We walked around looking at a lot of the same junk. Some stuff was cute though. I bought myself a picture and also some little flip-flop keychains to give the girls. Elise looked at about a million photo albums, since she IS the paparazzi.

What I thought was interesting there was seeing Puma and Nike stores. Random.

After a day of shopping we went and got some ice cream and sat down at a little outdoor restaurant. There was this Bob Marley guy there singing with his guitar and talking to us. He started singing a song about Danielle and Elise from Vancouver. Also there was the CUTEST puppy there!

CUBA - The Arrival

We arrived at the airport in Cuba around 10 in the morning and were shuttled off to our hotel, the Barcelo Solymar. We were too early to check in and it was beautiful and sunny out so we changed into our bathing suits and hit up the pool. We spent most of the day lying there, soaking up the sun and exploring.

Around 12 it started to rain.... a LOT. It was POURING! We had booked a cabana instead of staying in the hotel, but it was really far away and there was no way I was jugging my super-huge suitcase that far so we decided to check into the main hotel.

We unpacked and took a nice long nap. After being up for about 48 hours with about 6 hours of sleep we needed it. We woke up around 9 and headed to the buffet. It left a little to be desired, especially right before it closed.

We sat down and had a few drinks in the lobby. While we were sitting there I spotted the cutest little kitten walking by so I went and grabbed him and brought him in. We named him Scruffy McGee, because he was well, scruffy... and he kinda smelled like fish.

Standing at the bar I started chatting up some people and discovered they were from the Vancouver/Victoria areas and were in Cuba for a wedding. Elise and I went and sat with them to have a drink. Well one drink turned into more and I left to take a "walk" which turned into a little bit of skinny dipping on the beach. It was great... full moon... warm blue water... and nakedness...oh yeah!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Toronto Fun

Elise and I had planned our trip to Cuba so that we had an extended layover in order to spend a little time in the T-dot. It was grrrreat!

Elise's friends Dana and Michelle picked us up from the airport and chauffered us around all afternoon so we could do tonnes of touristy stuff. They were so good to us. Thanks again guys!

When we got downtown the first thing we did was hit up the Hockey Hall of Fame but it was closed and Elise was sad. I didn't really give a shit.

From there we took a walk by Much Music. They had just finished filming an Intimate and Interactive or some shit with Joss Stone. As we were peeking in the window I saw the VJ (Matt) look at us... I was like "Dude ... the VJ is looking at us!!" Then he waved and I was like "DUDE...THE VJ WAVED AT US." It was great.

After our brush with semi-famousness we went to the CN Tower, aka the tallest building in the world. It was pretty cool. The best part was they have this glass floor that you can stand on and see all the way through to the ground. It was fun in a "I think I'm going to pee my pants" type of way.

We descended the tower (wow I sound like a fairy tale) and decided to take in part of a Jay's game. It was a beautiful night and the roof was open so we had a great view of the tower from inside the stadium. And it was so cheap... the tickets were only $10! It was a nice way to start the night.

We took off to get some sushi after a few innings. But did we walk to get sushi? Hell no! We took a rickshaw. Yes, it seems like something you do in India or something, but oh we did it. And got ripped of in the process... but oh well. We rode in a freakin rickshaw.

After sushi we got drunk at the Fox N Fiddle and then got dropped off at the airport for a little sleeping on our suitcases before our flight in the morning. Cuba... here we come!

To My "Loyal Fans"

Hello all: Kelly, Sam, Candace, Prettie, Tanya and whoever else checks my blog out on a regular basis ... I am soooo sorry that I have been dissipointing you lately by not posting in a whole month.

I have been super busy with leaving PCL, my vacay to Toronto/Cuba and starting school. I know that is no excuse and I am a total biotch, so I will try not to dissapoint you again!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Saturday Night Bar-Hopping

After some much needed rest from my all nighter Friday I was feeling like a human being again and ready to get ready to go out at about 7:30 on Saturday night. Kristin and I had planned on going downtown because we hadn't in forever, but decided to keep it local.

We had never been to Citrus Nightclub before so we decided to try it out, and then head to Vanilla Room after. Well, Citrus left a little to be desired. Honestly it was like that is where all the fat girls go... and the ugly guys. We stayed for a drink and couldn't get outta there fast enough.

We went to Vanilla Room, which was packed. I couldn't take 5 steps without seeing someone I knew! We spent the night dancing and flirting... oh and talking to some guys wearing matching checkered shoes... interesting.

Shout it Out!

Friday afternoon Jaelene played softball for PCL in a tournament for the Children's Hospital. I passed this year on account of me sucking so bad last year. She played two games and then left for a "date," which was really meeting up with me to go to Earl's and see some cute bartenders.

We showed up around 10:30 and proceeded to drink many, many martinis. One was called a FatBoy and it was yummy to the MAX. We stuck around to closing time and went home with the bartenders for some more drinks and some "Shout it Out."

Shout it Out is a game played on PS3 where you are asked random movie trivia and you need to yell out the answers, and match things up, and know what movie lines are from etc. It was pretty fun. Jaelene and her bartender were on one team and I was on the other team with my bartender. Our team was team Games Nazi, and therefore we annihilated them 63-zip. Many High-5's ensued.

After that we played a rousing game of Kings... where a rule was that we needed to talk in a Scottish accent the whole time. Jae and I sounded more East Indian than Scottish; I guess that's what happens when you grow up in Abbotsford.

Jaelene and I were sufficiently drunk and unable to drive so we stayed over. The 4 of us took off to our respective rooms... or my bartender and I took off to a bed while Jae and hers got the floor. And it was her guy's house... hahaha sucka.

My guy was pretty cute. Hardcore Italian Catholic guy... tattoos, nice body, nice eyes. Weird fact: he has the exact same ghetto phone as I do... and his paint has come off in the exact same was so that the phone is blue on the front and black on the back. It was really random.

Anyways... Jae and I woke up and took off at 8:30am. A kiss on the cheek and a bye-bye to the boys and we were outta there. Next stop... McDonald's drive thru!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Monday started off well enough. I woke up and got ready to go shopping. Chris picked me up bright and early at 9:15 and we headed South to the Seattle Premium outlets.

I bought a bunch of shirts and tanktops (which came with a free towel- hells ya!) from Aeropostale, a babydoll shirt from Guess, an Ecko zip-up, goodies from Harry and David's, and a lot of awesome groceries that you can't get in Canada from Super-Walmart.

Chris and I definitely ate well while we were down there.... and for FREE. First we got some sweet samples from Harry and David's... Then we found a store that had more samples than a Costco... all sorts of bread dips and sauces... then at the Walmart we had popcorn chicken and shrimp... which we "accidently" forgot to pay for.

We left the outlets and headed to Bellis Fair to check out what was going on at the mall. As we drove we had some fun with the radio on scan... and listening to the Beach Boys... and doing Mark from Blink 182 impressions.

We were just getting off the exit to Bellingham when shit went down. The exit has two lanes and we were in the left lane because the right lane was backed up, almost stopped. As we were driving along on the exit a guy in a 4-Runner on the main highway (Asian - go figure) realized that he was missing his exit and pulled hard to the right... straight at us!

We had nowhere to go and crashed into a red Nissan pickup in the other lane. We hit his left back-end, which was at the front right of our rented Yaris... yeah MY side. The whole front end of the car is smushed in and it tore a huge strip off the side paneling. The windshield cracked and shards of glass came flying at us... the windshield wipers came on for some strange reason and were all bent and making weird sounds while going back and forth over the cracks. We were also leaking some kinda of fluid.

Luckily enough no one was badly hurt.... and even luckier the guy who caused us to crash pulled over and took blame. Otherwise Chris would have been SCREWED.

As we were standing there 3 more accidents occured right near us within 15 or 20 minutes. It was just a crazy scene. State troopers, sheriffs, firemen and firetrucks, EMS and ambulances, emergency response road crew. It was quite a sight for all the rubberneckers that drove by.

After being on the side of the I-5 for about two hours we finally got a new rental car and headed home. Needless to say.... we took the backroads.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS go to DENVER!

Lazy May Long

Hallelujah! It was a long weekend!

Friday night I got the randomest call ever from my friend Chris asking if I wanted to take off to Denver for the weekend. I thought about it for a minute .... and I didn't see why not! I called Jaelene and she agreed to come too and we were totally ready to go... but it was just going to be too much moola so our plans went downhill fast. Instead I went to bed at 10:30.

I woke up early and took my car in for an oil change. Then I went home and took a long nap. See the pattern here?

That night we all went out for Chris' birthday to the Hamilton Street Grill. The food was simply superb. I had halibut and it was tres bien. After the restaurant we took off to ... you guessed it... the Kingston. Good times were had by all, although the group in general was much more subdued than usual. It would have been the long weekend, no one is around atmosphere. After the bar Elise and I headed back to her sister's, watched a couple episodes of Sex and the City and went to sleep. We slept til about 11:30.

I got up, went home, made myself the best breakie ever, and then took a nap. Yes, another nap.

I was supposed to hit up Mirage that night 'cause Sundays on long weekends are rockin there, but my friend bailed on me, and I stayed at home alone and watched The Green Mile... Such a good movie... frickin tugs at the heartstrings I tell ya! Then after making plans with Chris to go shopping the next morning I hit the hay.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bartender Boy is DONE

After two unanswered texts and an un-replied-to Facebook message I am sad to say that Bartender Boy is no longer on the Danielle radar. Ass. I don't get it but oh well, onto the next!

I have declared this summer have-fun-with-boys-but-no-relationships-summer.... so we will see how that goes. Should be good ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

on a serious note...

As I prepare to start school and get on with my career and my life (and eventually "baby chick" will leave the nest) I have been doing a lot of thinking.

My whole life people have had certain expectations of me. I'm supposed to be the smartest and work the hardest; I'm supposed to want certain things and not others; I'm supposed to be the career woman, who is focused and strong and doesn't break down... I'm never supposed to fail, so when I do people are more dissapointed (myself included.) Those are hard expectations to live upto.

The other day I was having a conversation with my mom about boys. She said to me, " You don't need to worry about marriage... you have your career to focus only need to have fun right now."

It feels like half the people I know are married, or getting married, or living together, or having babies... and I am left in their dust and expected to feel fine about it because I am career-focused. Well, maybe that's not enough.

Not right away, but I DO want that... I want to get married... I want babies... I want someone to love. I don't want people telling me that it's ok that I don't have these because I have a career. That almost makes it worse... they are comforting me. The fact that they feel like they need to comfort me proves that they feel bad or think something is wrong with it.

And I want people to see my sensitive side. The side that can't say goodbye, and loves to cuddle, and cried on the series finale of Gilmore Girls.

Monday, May 14, 2007


(No, my weekend had nothing to do with porn in case you were getting excited...I just needed a title.)

Friday night after work Elise came and picked me up and we went to watch her friend Danielle (aka Danielle #2) play softball. They got creamed... 20 to 5 ... I got a free beer though, so that helped ease the pain. There was this old drunk red-eyed grandpa there, and I guarantee it wasn't coffee in his Timmie's mug. The ump's son was there too and he was this total cave-boy who stood there banging stones together for a good 45 minutes... Then he started smelling them. Kids are weird.

After the game a the group of us went to Sammy's for a bit. Elise talked about poo the whole time... oh and skidmarks... great. She was completely sober too, that's just Elise. Bartender Boy was there and our waitress told me she thought he was hot... Yeah I know.

Saturday I woke up at the crack of dawn (aka 6:30) and headed into A-town for a photoshoot. I got my hair done in an updo and my makeup airbrushed on. I was so pampered! Then we all took pictures for a girl's website wearing samples from her jewellery line. It was pretty high-tech... we sat on an exercise ball in front of a sheet tacked to the roof. The girl taking the pics told me that I was good at posing and asked if I had ever modeled before. No, I've just watched every season of ANTM.

Saturday night I partied it up at the Vanilla Room with Jaelene. I was apprehensive about going there again but it was ok; I made nice with the bouncer. It was a fun night. I was making friends with a lot of random girls, which is a nice change from the bitches at the downtown clubs. In the bathroom a girl puked on the floor and a drop got on my foot. It was pretty sick but another gave me some spray-on hand sanitizer and I coated my foot with it.

At one point while Jae was off dancing I was just chilling on the couch, resting my feet (my shoes are f-ing CUTE, but hurt like a bitch) this guy was hitting on me. He pretty much used the best line ever: "Hi, my name is ____ and I believe in at least 20 minutes of foreplay before sex and at least 20 minutes of cuddling after." Points for originality there buddy!

I, of course, spent Mother's Day with my mom. She made me and my sister do some slave labour. As we were outside weeding the garden a little kid came by on her scooter and asked my sister what she was doing. "I'm helping my mom weed the garden because it's Mother's Day," she replied... to which the girl exclaimed, "It's my Mom's birthday too!" Kids.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Homeless D

Well I officially have no office at work. We are getting a new co-op student, who is moving into this lady's office, who is moving into mine, and I am squatting in Prettie's office while she is in Europe. Oh well. At lest I have my Pyatt poster in here so it's ok... And I get to use her radio because I threw away my shitty free The Beat radio.

I am also doing Prettie's work while she is away and it's going ok so far. I did a Tender Package all by myself the other day! Yay - Go Immunohisochemistry Stainer!

Today while I was walking to the Field Office these workers were looking at me and talking abut me in French. They were like "Aaayyy!!" I was tres amused. (Get it? Yeah feel free to groan.)

As for my out-of-work life (aka REAL life) ... all is well with Bartender Boy. I haven't seen him all week, but we have been talking (or actually messaging) so I'm not as much of a stress case anymore. I want to see him soon though before I forget what he looks like! And I need some serious cuddling. Tonight I'm doing a dinner and a movie date with Missy... should be fun. I think we are gonna see a chick flick... yes!

Saturday I am doing a jewellery photo shoot so I am really looking forward for that... I hope I don't suck... And a plus is that my makeup and hair will be all done up nicely for when I hit up Vanilla Room with like 30 people that night... Score.

Well back to work...In my rented office...

Monday, May 07, 2007


This weekend wasn't too crazy, which was a nice vacation from the norm.

Friday night I stayed home and caught up on some much-needed sleep. It was great... I think I got like 12 hours of sleep! During the day on Saturday I cleaned my room (that was a big job, and FYI I had 12 cups and a mug in there...crazy) and did some errands.

Saturday night Kristin and I went to Blueridge and met up with a bunch of our old high school friends. It was so weird to see some of them. One of them (who I used to date way back) had just moved back into town again from Calgary, got a little too drunk, and got thrown out of the bar. (Not that I can judge about that one!) This girl he cheated on me with while we were together (one of many) was there too, so that's always a little awkward. After he got kicked out she was like: "Are you going to deal with this or am I?" and I was like: "NOT ME!" and walked away. You can have him honey!

Kristin's boyfriend and the other baseball boys (and girl!) showed up for a drink which was a nice surprise.

I had to take off early because I was supposed to be going a 10KM run the next morning, but when I talked to Jaelene on Sunday she hadn't been feeling good all night so we bailed, and I called Kristin up and decided to head out to this baseball tournament in Vancouver with her and our other friend.

The tourney was ok... it was raining a LOT so I had on two sweatshits and a jacket, all with the hoods up... Oh and mittens...can't forget the mittens! A highlight was overcoming a huge deficit and beating Kristin at darts, which I NEVER play and she plays all the time. Yeah baby.

The only part of the day that wasn't great was that things seemed a little weird with cute bartender guy. It seemed like he was acting a little weird. I didn't even really notice at first until my friend pointed it out to me, and I was like yeah he kinda is. He was talking to me ... but just not as affectionate as usual. I don't really get it... there was a major difference in like 12 hours of being apart.

I mean, we are at this tournament with like 100 sporty, beer-drinking guys around, so maybe that's part of it... And also because of that I'm not gonna walk up and just grab him in front of all these guys, but I usually DO make the first move, so maybe he was wondering why I wasn't? Who knows? Could be also that I am pushing him too hard or something so I'm just gonna relax and let him call me. No more just showing up... Not that I am not invited (I got booed by Kristin's bf when I said I wasn't coming) ... just not by him. He could have even just been in a bad mood, or I am reading him wrong completely. I have no idea.

One thing is for sure though... I think WAY too much. I am just going to chill and relax and whatever happens happens.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sniff... sniff

Well, the Canucks' playoffs dreams have come crashing to an end. I think Prettie put it best:
"They played an awesome series! We ride together, we die together. WE ARE CANUCKS FOR LIFE! GO CANUCKS!"

No-Sleep Continued

"No Sleep Weekend" has somehow morphed into No-Sleep Week. I managed to stay out late on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, and still drag my (albeit looking less desireable than usual) ass into work the next day. Yes, I am a fuckin trooper!

Most of the time I spent drinking at the baseball field. I am pretty much a baseball team groupie right now... I mean I have been a groupie of the so-called "Entourage" boys for a long time, or sorry, more correctly I am Elise's groupie... so I am the groupie's groupie. But it seems I have reached a whole nother level of groupie-ness... I would be kind of ashamed if I cared enough to be but I really don't care.

Wednesday was hot-tub party night and that was definitely fun. We stayed in the hot tub until we were wrinkly and full to the brim with red wine... Nothing better than cuddling in the hot tub and being all nice and warm and relaxed. Mmmm.

Yesterday I was a huge hit at work, when I showed up looking like a cross-dresser. Actually, that sounds way worse than it was... but I did NOT look good after having only 3 hours of sleep. In the words of Prettie: "Danielle, you look like SHIT!" I for sure gave all the married girls who are re-living their single lives through me something to talk about.

Right now I am trying to avoid doing some meeting minutes... This dude can barely speak English so it's a little hard to decipher. Question: Is it bad that I laugh anytime I read the words penetration or erector? ... because apparently they just don't get old to me.

I better get back to work... and Tanya will be here any minute with my Mc-Breakfast. Thank God "cankle-saurus-rex" had to go to a doctor appointment. You are still a sexy bitch to me Tanya! Stay away from those "Hookers" at the playground!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No Sleep Weekend

Friday night I headed to the pub with a girl I used to work with to watch the hockey game. It was pretty fun. One of her friends was even louder than I am (no joke.) We were in the smoking room though, and everyone but me was chain smoking. I went home with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Ew.

The next day Jaelene and I went for a walk along the river because was super nice out. I peed in the bush. Hey if you gotta go you gotta go!

Jae and I headed home and after a nice relaxing afternoon of laying in my bed chatting we made dinner (fajitas yum) and got ready for the night. We headed into Delta to meet up with Elise and her two friends, and the group heading downtown to the Blarney Stone.

There was a huge line-up, almost like there was a concert going on there or something, but we know the owner and GM so we skipped the line and headed on in. It's not my usual scene but I had fun there. I spend a lot of time flirting with this Czech bartender. Hey I couldn't dance there without being pushed all over, so I needed to amuse myself!

After a quick stop at Burger King for Whopper meals we headed home and I crawled into bed around 5:15.

I woke up at 8:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I just laid there until I had to get up at 10. My sister and I met up with all her bridesmaids and headed down to the states to look at dresses. We looked at a few, but the majority of our time was taken up sitting in line at the border and gorging ourselves at Old Country Buffet. There were so many fatass Americans there... And that is the only place I have ever seen a dish of cheesy potatoes with POTATO CHIPS as a topping.

On the way home my friend called me and wanted me to come out to her boyfriend's baseball game, because she is trying to hook me up with a guy on his team (the bartender from the last weekend.) I was super tired but thought he was kinda cute from the last weekend (of what I remembered) and I wanted to see what would happen. I went home and made dinner... gave my mom her present (it was her birthday) and headed out.

Seeing him in the daylight and not through hazy drunk eyes he is cute for sure. He has amazing Taylor Pyatt eyes and brown hair. My type for sure. He is also sweet and funny. I was a total nervous geek around him though, and I am usually not shy at all... I hope that's a good sign. At the end of the night I made him walk me to my car and we kissed a little and it was (Borat voice) VERY NICE! I LIKE!