Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why do I have to be a homewrecker?

From the beginning I have always had homewrecker tendancies. In grade 10 I started liking my first long term boyfriend when he was dating someone... then he broke up with her and dated me... Then in grade 12 my other long term boyfriend dumped his girlfriend for me... and it just went on from there.

Here are the latest examples:

Let's start with the most innocent one... Last night I went downtown and kept calling this guy to meet up with me... We chatted and he said he was gonna meet up with us but he didn't. I found out this morning that apparently he has a gf. Oops.

Then there is the flirting with the boyfriend of a girl at my friend's Christmas party. Well ... she left me on my own and his girlfriend left him so we started to chat... And we had some really good conversations... and did some flirting. He's just so good looking! And not just a pretty face. I couldn't help myself... and the booze didn't help either! The sad thing is that he is planning a big surprise for her for Christmas...but she told my friend that she was thinking of dumping him. Poor boy. So I'm gonna try and keep myself in the pic... you know, just in case.

Thirdly... and worst of all. I did "stuff" with a guy that has a girlfriend. I know I am a terrible gal... but honestly apparently they have this messed up relationship where they cheat on each other 24/7... So if she cheats on him too then it's fair game. Anyways he didn't tell me he had a friend did.

Anyways, this guy is GORGEOUS... I had a lot of fun that night... I did NOT sleep with him though, I'm not that much of a ho. He took my number but I doubt he will call me... I'm thinking he's a big player.

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