Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Party

Although I will not fully disclose the happenings of our Christmas party I will provide you with a few tidbits... And pictures... I figured out how finally!

Anyways the girls and I went downtown early and checked into the hotel to have showers, get ready and have some wine. Went down, had some dinner took some pics, made nice with old guys, you know the drill.

After dinner and dancing the fun started. I told everyone to come up to my room for the after-party, but then decided against it and moved the party next door.

My "twin" ... who will remain nameless but you know who I'm talking about... was HAMMERED. She put on a bit of a show for us, including multiple clothing changes, stuffing cheezies in her mouth and blowing them all over, spilling red wine on the pillows and jumping me on the bed. I think she sorta kissed my neck. What a gal.

Some old guys from down the hall decided to party-crash our room. One who we will refer to as "Nipples" was wearing a tight old man shirt and you could definitely see where he got his nickname. Another one of the old men told me that I was too pretty to get myself a boyfriend and that I should "ugly myself up a bit" if I wanted to get one... A third asked us for Coke. Ew grow up old druggie man!

Anyhoo the next morning was kinda rough but we toughed it out for some breakie and then I went home and slept the rest of the day. I heart naps!

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