Sunday, December 10, 2006

apres Halloween

So... after Halloween I talked to that Iceman guyfor a while. He seemed like a good boyfriend prospect... cute, going to school, smart. He is the only person I know that beat my on the Biology 12 provincial exam (I got 96%...he got 100... bastard.)

I saw him once at The Mirage after that and we danced and kissed but nothing ever happened of it. It's ok... he had stink breath anyways.

After that a few more prospects came up... Lola's super cute friend told her to bring out her blonde friend (aka me) one night. I didn't end up seeing him but we texted back and forth for a bit.

The Sunday after that I went with some workfriends to a Canucks game. Not only was it a good game where we won, and my hockey boyfriend Taylor Pyatt got in the best fight ever, but I also met a cute guy.

He's 29, Italian, lives in Kits and drives a Coca Cola truck. We've been talking a bit on the phone, but I haven't actually seen him since then. I'm thinking I might have to give him a call next weekend when I'm staying at the hotel downtown.

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