Monday, November 06, 2006


On Halloween I went on a club crawl with my friend Lola. Let's just say it was a crazy night.

We started off at the Plaza of Nations where it was freezing cold and I drank a lot of Diet Rockstar. We met many interesting characters, namely Bob the Builder and some Sperm. Well, they were actually the "Fallopian Swim Team."

Then we hooked up with the guys from Top Gun. Yes, Maverick and Iceman themselves. Iceman was super cute and both me and Lola had spotted him from far away. We talked and he gave me his number. Then her and I made sure we got on the same bus as them.

We got to the first club and paid our way in... Well they paid our way in; I don't pay to get in anywhere. It was pretty fun; We all had drinks and danced.

Then we went to the next club where I kinda start feeling sick so I had some water and ate two granola bars and then I felt good.

On the bus to the third club I kissed Iceman. It was just a peck but I could tell Lola was jealous. She said she wasn't rattled... but she SO was. Then at the club she was totally all over him and he was not enjoying it. He tells me how she is annoying him because he's not interested in her... He is interested in me. So I tried to stay between them but she is persistant.

We left that club and I texted him a bit later and we have been talking/texting ever since. He even texted me 20 mins before the test I took today which was super sweet. We will see what happens. Don't wanna get my hopes up.

Bye Bye Brown Bird

Binder is now in the past... Whether he knows it or not.

We ended up hanging out a few more times and really don't have that much in common. We are both are in love with different people... me with myself (well that's what everyone thinks)... and him with his ex girlfriend. The moment he told me that was the moment I gave up on him.

I'm not waiting around for him and his ex to either work out or not. Plus... Let me tell you...I do not need any brown person drama in my life!

He still keeps phoning and texting me... and I know why. He wants some of that white-girl lovin'! Well it's too late boy! That's why when you phone I press IGNORE!