Sunday, September 10, 2006

The rules of baseball

It was totally a high school reunion the other weekend at the club ... There were no less than 12 Mouat Alumni present that night at Vanilla Room... the night when I met this guy who we will call "binder." He had gone to my high school and college (and as I was surprised to find out my elementary school too,) but we had never really talked. I knew who he was, but that was it.

We started talking and hit it off. He gave me his number and I texted him when I got home from the club (I had to call a taxi because my asshole friends left me there alone!) He phoned me and we've been talking since.

On Tuesday we went on a date and totally clicked. I had fun talking and flirting with him and there was tonnes of chemistry. He told me he liked me and I told him I liked him too. At the end of the night we made plans to hang out again and I left him with a little bit of kissing.

So, on Thursday night (when we were supposed to hang out) I came home from work, got changed and called him, to which I recieved a "You have reached the mailbox of Binder" etc etc... so I left him a message (which went unanswered) and stayed home to watch a couple episodes of 90210. As much as I'm seriously loving the 90's flashbacks, I was seriously pissed. If you can't come out ok, just gimme a damn phone call! Strike 1 Binder Boy!

I caught up to him the next day; he gave me some lame excuse and I gave him a lecture. We made plans to hang out Saturday night after I volunteered at my work's annual golf tournament.

We talked a few times during the day, and I was tired so we were going to just chill and watch a movie that night. Then he called me saying that his friend really wanted him to go downtown with them so did I want to do that instead. I just wanted to relax but told him that he could do whatever he wanted. I was just glad that he had learned his lesson and called me instead of leaving me hanging again.

I missed his next call, but I got quite a surprise when I checked my messages... He had decided to go out and was just meeting up with his buddy (that's fine... ok) but his ex-girlfriend had called him and wanted to have "a talk" with him, and she was coming out too (maybe not ok.) He said that he told me the truth because he wanted to be honest with me (ok... that's good, he must respect me) but now today is Sunday and I haven't heard from him at all (maybe not so good after all.)

So I'm thinking that either:
A) they talked and decided to get back together
B) that they were never broken up in the first place and that's why he sold me out, or
C) she's pregnant.

Any one of these equals STRIKE 2 BIG GUY!!

More info to follow (when I finally get a friggin' phone call!)

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