Friday, September 01, 2006

Pimpin Aint Easy ... Or is it?

For some reason that is beyond me I have been very popular with the male part of the species lately... Actually it's not beyond me, I don't blame them. I'm damn sexy... Anyways here are the juicy details:

I was out with my friend the other night and met two of her boyfriend's friends One is not my usual type, he's brown and lives downtown. The other is TOTALLY my type: tall, big lips, a few tattoos ... YUM. Both of them asked her for my number and started texting me. I sorta blew off one but still text the other once in a while...You know, telling him about how I got new 400 thread count sheets.

Well as it turns out I think that the one I like is turning into a bit of a player. He was in a serious relationship for a looong time and I think he's rebeling now. Too much of a bad boy for me ... Big sis doesn't approve.

A little bit after that my other friend hooked me up with this guy on a double date. He was in town on vacation from working the oil rigs in Alberta. Yes, that means big moola! He was actually cute and we ended up making out a couple times, but of course he had to go back to the praries. He thinks that if he lived here that I would date him, but I dunno... I think he's a smooth talker. He's been texting me too though, telling me how he misses me and sending X's and O's.

If only I could find a guy that lives here, isn't a player, and will actually phone me and ask me out instead of just texting me. Come on guys, I'm not THAT intimidating!

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