Sunday, August 06, 2006

nothing like getting set up by your dad!

I was sitting at work on Friday when my dad called telling me that him and my mom are going on a yacht to watch the fireworks that weekend, and a guy at his worked had his date cancel on him, so did I want to go in her plaece? Well, why not?

I went on the boat cruise. The food was great, the drinks were free, the guy is ok. I think he was trying to ask me out again but I changed the subject.

The highlight of the trip was probably the skytrain ride home. Unlike last Saturday no one puked in front of me, so that made it 100% better right away. My dad was being the "weird drunk guy" on the skytrain, and chatting up ramdoms. He got into a pretty good convo with some kid that had a skinboard.

Also on the Skytrain was these two fat Japanese guys on a bench. One started saying to his friend that he didn't know who the president of Canada is. He said that he asked his mom and she didn't know either. So he asks his friend, "Who is the president of Canada?" and his friend is like "Stephen Harper," and I'm thinking "Buddy, it's not a PRESIDENT, It's a PRIME MINISTER!" I don't know why he didn't know that, he wasn't even fresh off the boat.

Then this guy started talking about Hitler, who he classified as "that little skinhead guy," and starts doing that Nazi thing where you stick your arm out... And he kept on doing it for a long time. After that he started talking about how Germany and Japan are such good friends and were in the war together until they got bombed. Ka-POW!!!

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