Saturday, July 08, 2006

mmm no title this time

So so so...

Since the accident work has sucked. My neck has been sore so I can't do my job properly. I just have to be there with nothing to do. This makes my days seem to last FOREVER.

The good news is that me and my friend are talking again. We didn't for a while because of a whole complicated boy situation. She's dating the guy I was hanging out with and then I hung around with her ex and we all saw each other at the bar and it was just weird.

So in the boy situation nothing much is going on. All I really seem to do is make out with boys at the bar and then it just goes nowhere. I met this guy when I was out with Lola and we really hit it off, but he's from Toronto so he gave me his friend's cell number. I called but his friend wasn't with him so that went no where.

Also this guy I met at the bar like a month and a half ago called me. Apparently he would have sooner but he had my number mixed up with someone else's. So we talked for a few days and I called him when I went downtown one night and then never heard from him when I was supposed to. So whatever. I'm not chasing him down like a stalker.

So my other friend and I were at the bar and she hurt her food. It's either broken or badly sprained and hasn't healed at all in two weeks. For a week I picked her up for work every day. It was sorta nice to have someone to talk to on the long drive.

Now it's the weekend and it's totally sunny and I'm home alone, bored. I tanned for a bit. I kinda wanna go out tonight, but not to the bar, so I dunno if anything will happen. It's hard when all your friends are barstars.

Oh yeah. Perhaps future news ... This girl I work with wants to set me up with these guys. They are twins so I get to choose. I hope I like one (Or both HAHA ... that could be fun!)

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