Sunday, July 30, 2006

Les Works des Fire

I went to downtown to watch the fireworks formerly know as the Symphony of Fire yesterday. I don't remember their new name but they were damn good.

As everyone knows, if you want to properly enjoy the light show you first need to comsume a few beverages of the alcoholic nature... And smoke some pot. So, that is what I did. It didn't turn out to be such a good idea when I started to black out during the show, flailed my arms around like a blind person and almost sat down on someone. I've decided that mixing booze and weed and being in a huge crowd is not such a good idea.

I wasn't the most embarassed person of the night however; I was upstaged by the girl that spewed some nasty oatmeal-looking stuff on the Skytrain. Most of it made it into a barf bag that some dude had handy; but alas, some ended up on the floor. It was pretty sick and we changed trains ASAP.

My friend had brought out this guy to hook me up with. He was kinda cute, but in more of a little kid way than a "I wanna pin you down to my bed" way. He was a total gentleman though, leading me through the crowd and making sure I was all right.

Next weekend I'm supposed to be going to "Tulameen" (again, spelling?) It's supposed to be a big gong show. I'm just hoping there are some cute boys there. Everything is more fun with some eye candy around.

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