Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY

So, even though I said that I was going to boycot Canadian Idol I have been watching it anyways... Why? It's kinda like when you see an accident at the side of the road and slow down to take in the scene. Canadian TV is like that accident; It's just so devastatingly bad that you have to watch it. As bad or worse than Idol is "Canada's Next Top Model." An UGLY girl won! That's just WRONG!

Speaking of things on the side of the road...I was driving to work and saw a squished crow in the middle of the street. Then on my way home I saw it again but instead of being squished down one wing was sticking straight up. Then I went to the Doctor and saw it again and both wings were straight up. I'm thinking this is some weird rigor mortis thing 'cause how do the wings start to come up when it's already squished? Then I'm driving home from the Doctor and see some guy swerve his car to deliberately run over this dead bird. Once again it's squished. I can only quote the Lion King: It's the circle of life.

Now that that unpleasantness is over with...I'm entering a contest. An office hottie contest. I got someone to take pics of me at work lookin all sexy and entered them on the website for a radio station. If I win I get a grand and an office party. But most of all I get to put "office hottie" on my business cards. Not that they give me any... But I'd do it. Don't doubt me!

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