Saturday, July 08, 2006

Canadian Idol is Bullshit

I have to say it: I am deeply disturbed by this week's Canadian Idol results. My two favourite guys were voted off: Abbotsford guy and Mohawk guy. And yes, I may be judging on looks but whatever, that's how I do!

Obviously the rest of Canada wants to watch a bunch of uglies running around the stage singing, but not me! OH NO Not me! This is bull!

And as much as I don't really care about the girls I really wish they would get rid of the girl that screeches and tries to be Alanis. Just because she somehow managed to get a hot husband doesn't mean there's any chance for you Moanie McGee.

Oh yeah and one more thing. Canada's Next Top Model sucks too. If I wanna see an ugly, skinny red-head I'll play with my Raggedy Ann doll.

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