Sunday, July 30, 2006

Les Works des Fire

I went to downtown to watch the fireworks formerly know as the Symphony of Fire yesterday. I don't remember their new name but they were damn good.

As everyone knows, if you want to properly enjoy the light show you first need to comsume a few beverages of the alcoholic nature... And smoke some pot. So, that is what I did. It didn't turn out to be such a good idea when I started to black out during the show, flailed my arms around like a blind person and almost sat down on someone. I've decided that mixing booze and weed and being in a huge crowd is not such a good idea.

I wasn't the most embarassed person of the night however; I was upstaged by the girl that spewed some nasty oatmeal-looking stuff on the Skytrain. Most of it made it into a barf bag that some dude had handy; but alas, some ended up on the floor. It was pretty sick and we changed trains ASAP.

My friend had brought out this guy to hook me up with. He was kinda cute, but in more of a little kid way than a "I wanna pin you down to my bed" way. He was a total gentleman though, leading me through the crowd and making sure I was all right.

Next weekend I'm supposed to be going to "Tulameen" (again, spelling?) It's supposed to be a big gong show. I'm just hoping there are some cute boys there. Everything is more fun with some eye candy around.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who's Got Game?


Seriously...I should not have a problem getting a man... A friend recently told me: "You're hot and you have a good personality, I don't understand why you don't have a boyfriend?!" Well I don't get it either! She was not just being nice to me because I'm fat, boring, and she feels sorry for me, she's right!

My other friend has two guys she wants to hook me up with. One is a brown guy who's short. The other is supposed to be hot and really funny and she said that I would like him. But, according to her he's creepy. I asked her, "Why would you say that I would like him if he's creepy?" She replied: "Because you will like him, he's good looking, but he's creepy." Ok then.

This is what Teddy has to say about the situation (from MSN:)

vickers - says:
hows your boy situation

Danielle says:
non existant teddy!!

Danielle says:
i have no game anymore

vickers - says:

vickers - says:
you just need to get your groove back

vickers - says:
maybe bump a younger guy

vickers - says:
a good looking one

vickers - says:
get yourself going again lol

vickers - says:
like myself

vickers - says:
i have to jump in the shower though i work at the restaraunt tonight and then i leave tomorrow morning

vickers - says:
MISS YOU LOVE, take care, dont worry about the game everything is cyclical.. you have ups and downs you just have to enjoy the ride

Awww I love Teddy. I just noticed that he suggested I do him, but still aww. I will consider your advice Teddy ol' buddy ol' pal.

The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY

So, even though I said that I was going to boycot Canadian Idol I have been watching it anyways... Why? It's kinda like when you see an accident at the side of the road and slow down to take in the scene. Canadian TV is like that accident; It's just so devastatingly bad that you have to watch it. As bad or worse than Idol is "Canada's Next Top Model." An UGLY girl won! That's just WRONG!

Speaking of things on the side of the road...I was driving to work and saw a squished crow in the middle of the street. Then on my way home I saw it again but instead of being squished down one wing was sticking straight up. Then I went to the Doctor and saw it again and both wings were straight up. I'm thinking this is some weird rigor mortis thing 'cause how do the wings start to come up when it's already squished? Then I'm driving home from the Doctor and see some guy swerve his car to deliberately run over this dead bird. Once again it's squished. I can only quote the Lion King: It's the circle of life.

Now that that unpleasantness is over with...I'm entering a contest. An office hottie contest. I got someone to take pics of me at work lookin all sexy and entered them on the website for a radio station. If I win I get a grand and an office party. But most of all I get to put "office hottie" on my business cards. Not that they give me any... But I'd do it. Don't doubt me!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Canadian Idol is Bullshit

I have to say it: I am deeply disturbed by this week's Canadian Idol results. My two favourite guys were voted off: Abbotsford guy and Mohawk guy. And yes, I may be judging on looks but whatever, that's how I do!

Obviously the rest of Canada wants to watch a bunch of uglies running around the stage singing, but not me! OH NO Not me! This is bull!

And as much as I don't really care about the girls I really wish they would get rid of the girl that screeches and tries to be Alanis. Just because she somehow managed to get a hot husband doesn't mean there's any chance for you Moanie McGee.

Oh yeah and one more thing. Canada's Next Top Model sucks too. If I wanna see an ugly, skinny red-head I'll play with my Raggedy Ann doll.

mmm no title this time

So so so...

Since the accident work has sucked. My neck has been sore so I can't do my job properly. I just have to be there with nothing to do. This makes my days seem to last FOREVER.

The good news is that me and my friend are talking again. We didn't for a while because of a whole complicated boy situation. She's dating the guy I was hanging out with and then I hung around with her ex and we all saw each other at the bar and it was just weird.

So in the boy situation nothing much is going on. All I really seem to do is make out with boys at the bar and then it just goes nowhere. I met this guy when I was out with Lola and we really hit it off, but he's from Toronto so he gave me his friend's cell number. I called but his friend wasn't with him so that went no where.

Also this guy I met at the bar like a month and a half ago called me. Apparently he would have sooner but he had my number mixed up with someone else's. So we talked for a few days and I called him when I went downtown one night and then never heard from him when I was supposed to. So whatever. I'm not chasing him down like a stalker.

So my other friend and I were at the bar and she hurt her food. It's either broken or badly sprained and hasn't healed at all in two weeks. For a week I picked her up for work every day. It was sorta nice to have someone to talk to on the long drive.

Now it's the weekend and it's totally sunny and I'm home alone, bored. I tanned for a bit. I kinda wanna go out tonight, but not to the bar, so I dunno if anything will happen. It's hard when all your friends are barstars.

Oh yeah. Perhaps future news ... This girl I work with wants to set me up with these guys. They are twins so I get to choose. I hope I like one (Or both HAHA ... that could be fun!)