Thursday, June 22, 2006

I heart you Honda Civic

Sooooooo.... I returned from Vegas to find all the shit from the inside of my car sitting in two plastic bags. Yes, indeed ... My car was a WRITE OFF!!

It sucked because I really did like my car. It was like a faithful friend who was always there for me through thick and thin, good gas prices and bad, flat tires and new brakes. It even looked like me (blonde.) Haha?

Anyways I thought that ICBC was gonna totally screw me but I actually ended up getting a good price for my car.

I took that money and bought a 2004 Honda Civic. It's a 4-door but it has dark black tinted windows and I'm getting my old CD player and a spoiler put on so it should be pimpin before too long. I must say I quite enjoy it. (Sorry Blondie!)

AND most importantly I got rid of the coutesy car from hell. Damn you Pontiac, DAMN YOU!

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