Sunday, May 07, 2006

Whistler me love you

So the other weekend there was this "Telus World Ski and Snowboard Fest" thing up in Whistler and seeing how my good friend is my hook up I went up there with her when she went up for work. Also the night before she got us tickets to see Queen. Queen can you believe it? We were in the 5th row on the floor. Yah baby.

Anyways so I go up to Whistler with my friend and her work people and stay in the Hilton with them. I don't know why they let us slobs stay in such a nice hotel. We took pictures in the bathroom pretending that these big body pillows were dicks and we were peeing. That is how immature we are ... I mean FUN. That's how FUN we are.

The bell boy at the hotel loved me. He got me free chapstick. And drove around our drunk asses. One of the other girls said about me: "I love having hot girls around to get us stuff!" I am taking a bow right now. Stop looking up my skirt you perv.

So up there those guys all had to work so I kinda had to amuse myself. It was ok. I snuck into the media tent to get free stuff (Including Visine ... in Whistler... Go figure.) I also got a free mini-facial at Lush and I was an extra in this lady's movie. It was for this filmmaker showdown thingy they were doing where they goy 72hrs to make a movie in Whistler. Anyways this lady was from Sweden and her movie was called "If Only." I had to walk and sit at a table and eat salad ... all BACKWARDS. Yeah it was weird. At first I was like "Oh my God I'm on Candid Camera!" But no, it was just that fucked up.

I also managed to spend most of my paycheque on clothes at Guess. But hey whatever, you only live once!


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