Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mexico me love you more!!

Aaaah Mexico. The warm breezes ... the blue-green ocean ... the "Sports and Entertainment" boys. It was definately a memorable Vacay.

Me and my dad went scuba diving. It was so cool. There were fish that weighed almost as much as I do and we could just swim right upto them. At first I was a little freaked out but you get used to it.

I wish I had a friend there instead of just my sister. She went out one night with me to the club but the other nights I went out without her. I hung out mostly at night with one of the guys that worked there, my "dancing partner." (Grinding is more like it though, haha.) Aaand I kissed him 'cause I figured he's probably not allowed to go around kissing hotel guests but this way if he got caught he could be like "It's not my fault ... SHE kissed ME." I know I'm a friggin genius!

My sister, my dad and I went out on this Waverunner Jungle Tour. My sis and I were on one singing "Fast Cars and Freedom." It was great. The speed thingy was broken so you always ended up going full speed without even touching it. I did almost drive us directly into these branches that were sticking out and killing us, but it was ok... Almost doesn't count.

The food at the hotel was awesome and super fancy. The way it was presented made you feel like you were on the Food Network or something! And breakie-poo was awesome. Omelette bar every morning and refried beans for breakfast. YUM. At one of the restaurants there were all these cats. They were skinny so I fed them. This other lady said they were probably for the Asian restaurant. Ewww poor, poor kitties.

The plane ride on the way home was turbulent. And I don't mean a few bumps, I mean hold on for your life scary; people crying and holding hands turbulent. I was surprised no one shit their pants. Well, maybe some did but it was no one near me or I would have smelled it haha.

The worst thing about my trip was that it was so damn depressing to come home. Everything there is just so great and relaxed and nice and warm. And I missed the my dancing partner. He was just so different than any guy here. First of all he was the best dancer I've ever danced with... But most of all he just had the best attitude out of anyone I've ever met. He lived there through the hurricane and everything and it's just amazing.

I think I need to take salsa lessons.

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