Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Drama Queen

So... I asked my friend if it was ok for me to go for her ex and she was totally for it. She does have a bf after all, so why would she care?

So, me and the guy had been talking and texting etc... And then I saw him at the club one Friday night and ended up going home with him. We'll just say that things were hot.

Then that Sunday (it was a long weekend) my friend had a bbq, and the "I don't want a girlfriend" guy was there. I ended up sleeping in a single bed with him, but no, I did not sleep with him.

Anyways so I had talked to the ex guy that night but I didn't hear from him at all the rest of the week, so when I saw him at the club the next weekend I ignored him. That's what he gets. I don't just go home with guys from the club all the time. I actually liked him. Anyways, so he came over and talked to me and explained that he had been away on the island all week (What, there are no phones there dumbass?) He was so hot that I had to forgive him.

So then I'm in the bathroom and I come out and he's there talking to guess who... my friend, his ex. So I talk to them and it's sorta weird. And after that his friend keep saying shit like "She's staring at you" and stuff to the guy, and he's all like "We went out SEVEN years ago!" and the friend is like "Well she thinks it's less." ETC ETC

Then he talks to me for a bit, and then I see him talking to her and both of them just disappear. Her friends she came with asked me if I knew where she was. I had no idea. So, I figured they were together which really made me upset. She HAS a boyfriend and she told me that it was ok for me to go for him. And I'm emotionally in it now, it's too late for her to say no.

So, I'm in a pissy mood and I get my friend to take me home and I talk to the guy. Turns out that my friend, as well as another of his exs, was there and both of them were apparently being jealous and ganging up on him and trying to "sabotage" (his words) him. He didn't wanna deal with the drama so he left. He also told me that she was saying shit to him but wouldn't tell me what she said. Well if they were jealous of me then good. He should have just told me and I would have made out with him on the dance floor or something to make them more jealous.

Now, the girl is supposed to be my best friend and she knows I like him so she should NOT be hitting on him. Especially when she has a boyfriend. I even tried to call her and see where she went and she won't return my phone calls. Well, let me tell ya, she has no right to be mad at me so screw that.

As for the guy, he obviously doesn't wanna date me or he would have asked me out by now. I think he's more of a "likes me enough to flirt and put his hand on his leg when he sees me, but not enough to date at this time" guy. He is going back to school in August though, so that makes sense. So, if I see him out and about I'll say hi, do a little make-out action maybe, but I'm not trying for him anymore. Too much work. As everyone keeps telling me: There are plenty of fish in the sea!

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