Wednesday, May 31, 2006

bad luck...duh duh duuuuhhh

So, after my drama-filled Friday, Saturday got even worse.

I went to the club with two couples (yes, I was the 5th wheel ok!) Both of them got into huge fights when I was driving home. We got kicked out of a Chinese food restaurant. I got called ugly (I'm NOT!!) My shirt got ruined. My friend and her bf almost broke up. AND I didn't get to bed til like 6:30 in the morning. It was just bad.

Now lets fast forward to yesterday. My friend's grandma went into the hospital and is not doing good, and her boyfriend gets let go from his job. My grandpa is also in the hospital. Things are not looking up. I'm also getting a cold. Yuck.

So, I left work early to go to the eye doctor. I was driving on the highway when the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes HARD. I was going like 100kms/hr at this point. So, I slammed on mine. I managed not to hit the guy in front of my but the guy behind me rammed into me. My head went hard into the headrest. Anyways now I have whiplash and a really bad cold. I had to cancel my eye appointment, which I need to get contacts before I go away, I also have to re-schedule my grad pics. And my neck hurts... and my nose hurts... and I'm BITCHY.

What is up with my luck. I won't say that it can't get worse, but it better not!!

Drama Queen

So... I asked my friend if it was ok for me to go for her ex and she was totally for it. She does have a bf after all, so why would she care?

So, me and the guy had been talking and texting etc... And then I saw him at the club one Friday night and ended up going home with him. We'll just say that things were hot.

Then that Sunday (it was a long weekend) my friend had a bbq, and the "I don't want a girlfriend" guy was there. I ended up sleeping in a single bed with him, but no, I did not sleep with him.

Anyways so I had talked to the ex guy that night but I didn't hear from him at all the rest of the week, so when I saw him at the club the next weekend I ignored him. That's what he gets. I don't just go home with guys from the club all the time. I actually liked him. Anyways, so he came over and talked to me and explained that he had been away on the island all week (What, there are no phones there dumbass?) He was so hot that I had to forgive him.

So then I'm in the bathroom and I come out and he's there talking to guess who... my friend, his ex. So I talk to them and it's sorta weird. And after that his friend keep saying shit like "She's staring at you" and stuff to the guy, and he's all like "We went out SEVEN years ago!" and the friend is like "Well she thinks it's less." ETC ETC

Then he talks to me for a bit, and then I see him talking to her and both of them just disappear. Her friends she came with asked me if I knew where she was. I had no idea. So, I figured they were together which really made me upset. She HAS a boyfriend and she told me that it was ok for me to go for him. And I'm emotionally in it now, it's too late for her to say no.

So, I'm in a pissy mood and I get my friend to take me home and I talk to the guy. Turns out that my friend, as well as another of his exs, was there and both of them were apparently being jealous and ganging up on him and trying to "sabotage" (his words) him. He didn't wanna deal with the drama so he left. He also told me that she was saying shit to him but wouldn't tell me what she said. Well if they were jealous of me then good. He should have just told me and I would have made out with him on the dance floor or something to make them more jealous.

Now, the girl is supposed to be my best friend and she knows I like him so she should NOT be hitting on him. Especially when she has a boyfriend. I even tried to call her and see where she went and she won't return my phone calls. Well, let me tell ya, she has no right to be mad at me so screw that.

As for the guy, he obviously doesn't wanna date me or he would have asked me out by now. I think he's more of a "likes me enough to flirt and put his hand on his leg when he sees me, but not enough to date at this time" guy. He is going back to school in August though, so that makes sense. So, if I see him out and about I'll say hi, do a little make-out action maybe, but I'm not trying for him anymore. Too much work. As everyone keeps telling me: There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I sure know how to pick 'em !!

So this week at work was relatively un-eventful as usual. I had found out when I got back from my trip that my college graduation ceremony is scheduled for June 9th. That's the day after I get home from Vegas so now I have to take off the whole week instead of 4 days. My boss was NOT happy. He's like "You aren't supposed to be making any more vacation requests." Well what am I supposed to do? Miss my own grad? I think not!! It's kinda important!

Anyways this weekend was ok. On Friday I stayed downtown with my friend We went to this concert at the Commodore. Some guy called “Matt Mays” that I’ve never heard of. It was ok except halfway though I got really sick and was blacking out and she pretty much had to drag me over to the side. I don’t know what was wrong but it was not normal. I had drank like 4 drinks over the course of the night and had a few hoots of some guy’s joint. It had to be laced with something because this was not just a normal drunk pass-out. Anyways while I was lying wiht my head down on the table some guy came up and started hitting on me. Guys are sickos. Really.

On Saturday my parents had a party. Their parties are fun because their friends tell me how gorgeous I am, and a girl can't get enough of that. My friend picked me up and we went out to this club in Burnaby. It was the birthday of these twins and it was all rented out for them.

While I was there I met this guy. Well first his friend came over and was like "You're hot, I'm gonna hook you up with my friend." So he brings his friend over and the friend is actually pretty hot. I kinda stared at him over the course of the night and then saw him dancing with some girl so I was gonna give up. But then he was standing alone and I went and talked to him. He is totally hot and nice and we danced and I think even kissed a little. Then I found out that he is my friend's ex from high school who totally broke her heart. Normally I would be like "Whoa no way" but she is dating my ex crush so we may be even. I would like to see this guy again but I have to ask her first if it's ok... Which is impossible to do since she doesn't have a cell and I can NOT get a hold of her.

Woe is me!! I have bad, bad taste in boys!!

Mexico me love you more!!

Aaaah Mexico. The warm breezes ... the blue-green ocean ... the "Sports and Entertainment" boys. It was definately a memorable Vacay.

Me and my dad went scuba diving. It was so cool. There were fish that weighed almost as much as I do and we could just swim right upto them. At first I was a little freaked out but you get used to it.

I wish I had a friend there instead of just my sister. She went out one night with me to the club but the other nights I went out without her. I hung out mostly at night with one of the guys that worked there, my "dancing partner." (Grinding is more like it though, haha.) Aaand I kissed him 'cause I figured he's probably not allowed to go around kissing hotel guests but this way if he got caught he could be like "It's not my fault ... SHE kissed ME." I know I'm a friggin genius!

My sister, my dad and I went out on this Waverunner Jungle Tour. My sis and I were on one singing "Fast Cars and Freedom." It was great. The speed thingy was broken so you always ended up going full speed without even touching it. I did almost drive us directly into these branches that were sticking out and killing us, but it was ok... Almost doesn't count.

The food at the hotel was awesome and super fancy. The way it was presented made you feel like you were on the Food Network or something! And breakie-poo was awesome. Omelette bar every morning and refried beans for breakfast. YUM. At one of the restaurants there were all these cats. They were skinny so I fed them. This other lady said they were probably for the Asian restaurant. Ewww poor, poor kitties.

The plane ride on the way home was turbulent. And I don't mean a few bumps, I mean hold on for your life scary; people crying and holding hands turbulent. I was surprised no one shit their pants. Well, maybe some did but it was no one near me or I would have smelled it haha.

The worst thing about my trip was that it was so damn depressing to come home. Everything there is just so great and relaxed and nice and warm. And I missed the my dancing partner. He was just so different than any guy here. First of all he was the best dancer I've ever danced with... But most of all he just had the best attitude out of anyone I've ever met. He lived there through the hurricane and everything and it's just amazing.

I think I need to take salsa lessons.

Whistler me love you

So the other weekend there was this "Telus World Ski and Snowboard Fest" thing up in Whistler and seeing how my good friend is my hook up I went up there with her when she went up for work. Also the night before she got us tickets to see Queen. Queen can you believe it? We were in the 5th row on the floor. Yah baby.

Anyways so I go up to Whistler with my friend and her work people and stay in the Hilton with them. I don't know why they let us slobs stay in such a nice hotel. We took pictures in the bathroom pretending that these big body pillows were dicks and we were peeing. That is how immature we are ... I mean FUN. That's how FUN we are.

The bell boy at the hotel loved me. He got me free chapstick. And drove around our drunk asses. One of the other girls said about me: "I love having hot girls around to get us stuff!" I am taking a bow right now. Stop looking up my skirt you perv.

So up there those guys all had to work so I kinda had to amuse myself. It was ok. I snuck into the media tent to get free stuff (Including Visine ... in Whistler... Go figure.) I also got a free mini-facial at Lush and I was an extra in this lady's movie. It was for this filmmaker showdown thingy they were doing where they goy 72hrs to make a movie in Whistler. Anyways this lady was from Sweden and her movie was called "If Only." I had to walk and sit at a table and eat salad ... all BACKWARDS. Yeah it was weird. At first I was like "Oh my God I'm on Candid Camera!" But no, it was just that fucked up.

I also managed to spend most of my paycheque on clothes at Guess. But hey whatever, you only live once!