Sunday, April 02, 2006

me sicky

Well it's Sunday night and besides having that sick "I have to go back to work for another 5 days tomorrow" feeling I also feel sick to my stomach. I don't know if it's the flu or food poisoning or what ... But lets just say that yesterday and today I couldn't keep anything down, I know ew.

Yesterday I went out for one of my friends boyfriend's birthdays. The birthday boy and I spent most of the night dancing. Before I barfed. Anyways, I gave him my number on the way home and he texted me today to see how I was doing so that was nice.

The guy is pretty cute and nice. Has a shaved head and that's a new thing for me. He's also really skinny but that's ok. I think that it can be good if I'm staying away from my norm, since that doesn't seem to be working out too well for me. So hopefully he will phone me again.

It feels kinda weird thinking about the new but 'cause I'm pretty sure that I like another guy. Even if he likes me too he doesn't want a gf anyways so it doesn't even matter. I've also been messaging (on hi-5) this guy, who I had a crush on last year. I'm thinking that summer is coming up and I'm gonna hang out with as many boys as possible and maybe one of them will actually like me well enough to date me! Isn't that a novel idea!!

Oh yeah my mom bought a new Nissan 350Z yesterday. It's dark silver and I really wanna drive it.

Oh, and the best thing... Guess where I'm going ... VEGAS BABY!!! I'm going with a buncha people and we got a really good deal. It's only gonna be like $600 CAD including flight, hotel and all the taxes n stuff. We're staying at the MGM Grand too, which is pretty nice! I'm so excited!

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