Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Oh yes ... I went curling.

I don't even like to watch it on tv. In fact my Dad is watching it right now and I refuse to partake. It's just too boring for words....Unless you are playing it like a pro, as I demonstrated recently.

My work has an annual curling "bonspiel" (meaning?) that I decided to joing in this year. My friend, her boyfriend and his friend came with me. All in all we had a ton of fun and didn't even suck too harsh. We won won, lost one and tied one ... not too shabby.

The bad part were the bruises I had on my knees from dragging them on the ground when I threw the rock. And the good part was watching everyone bail hard on the ice. For example, me.

After curling was dinner and we won prizes. I personally got a golf shirt, a water bottle and a really ugly green sweatshirt that I would MAYBE wear camping but maybe not even.

After dinner we went to the casino and watched a Colin James concert. Yeah he's old but we had free tix and he was actually pretty good. It also happened to be my birthday weekend so I wanted to get shittered. Me 'n my friend got pretty buzzed on coolers in the concert but then they shut down the drink carts and I got sober and it sucked.

Then my stomach started to hurt (I had been feeling nauseous for like 3 days in a row) so we went back to my friend's to stay the night.

We watched Bridget Jones 2 and headed off to sleep. In the morning we had breakfast at this good place and I ate eggs!! (I don't eat eggs) so good for me!

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