Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Prospect?

So there is this guy who I went on a date with a while back and nothing happened, but I saw him again and noticed that he was lookin pretty good (he got a haircut.) I didn't feel well that night so we left early.

The next weekend I went downtown with my friend again. We all hung out as a group and I ended up making out and such with the guy. He was very sweet, all kissing my head and my hand and stuff and not pressuring me at all... And he was like "I need to see you tomorrow!"

So the next night I went over there and we did a little kissing and watched a movie but he didn't really feel good so nothing else really happened. I didn't want to fool around with a guy that had a stomachache.

The weekend after that I saw him and he was being really nice and we sat down and started to kiss and I was like, "So, you never called me this week." And he says "OH, WAS I SUPPOSED TO?" What a dumbass! He's the one who was like "I NEED to see you."

He asks me "What do you want out of this?" and I say: (yes, something only I would actually come out and say) "Well not a fuck-buddy cause I wouldn't need to drive all the way to Vancouver to get that, I could get it in Langley!" So he laughs and tells me that he's not interested in having a girlfriend and I guess we are looking for different things. I say that that's good to know and that was about it.

Now the latest: Last night I was in Van and I was drunk so I texted him and he didn't answer.... Then right as we were leaving I wrote: "Mmm too bad you didn't answer cus I was thinking I could come over and you know..."

... Well he wrote back to that one ASAP saying "Hey I just got ur text, where are you?" and I said "Leaving Gastown" and he said "Wanna stop by?" and I said "Sorry I'm already on the way home but I'm sure I'll see ya soon" and he says "There are other ways for you to get home" and I say "I'm already on the freeway and you would have had to drive me home" and he says "too bad, I would have" and then I got home and said goodnight.

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