Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My friend's asshole boyfriend

Ok, so remember back in November when my friend started dating that guy who I used to like? I was a little jealous and did a rant about how it wouldn't last. Well now let me tell ya, I'm glad I avoided that a-bomb.

He treats her like POOP. She is hot, blonde and has very large boobies. She should be treated nice. NICE I say!!

Now, an example of his asshole-ness:

She was supposed to go and see him at his house. She showed up and no one was there, so she phones him. He says, "I'm at the pub ... Come down." She asks why he didn't phone before she got to his house and he said that he figured she'd phone him... Well he told her not to 'cause he was gonna be taking a nap!

Anyhoo she gets to the pub and his ex is there. His ex who is a MODEL... And he is ALL OVER her, putting his arms around her waist and neck while his girlfriend watches, and they even walk away and go sit in a booth by themselves.

So at about 11:30 (the bar closes at 12) my friend is fed up and leaves with to go back to her boyfriend's house and wait for him. When she gets there she sees Coors Light bottles everywhere .. the ex had been there too! She decides to take a shower to calm down and figures he will be there when she gets out ... Wrong-o!!! He comes stumbling in at 2 in the morning!! He even tries to claim that him and his ex were sitting in the car in the driveway (where shewould have heard him) "talking." Yeah talking my ass!!

Well now you see what I'm talking about. And that is only one of the bad things he's done.


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