Sunday, March 26, 2006

crazy ppl that no speak english

So, I have a profile on "Hi5" and I get a lot of guys that message me. Some of them though, can NOT speak Anglais !! Just for fun here are some examples:

Subject: Hello Princess
Message: Hello Good Days I was in hi5 and I saw your profile and it sends a message to you if you speak a little of Spanish wirte me pleases to me to make friendships greetings from Peru Lima kisses Francisco;) add me youre hi too

Subject: Well
Message: here is a message for u, im not creepy and u got a beautyful smile its a pitty that im not in canada and a pitty that u look like a very gentle person and well u look nice gooooood luck

Subject: hi
Message:I wated to be one of the many men that pm'd u to say you look real pretty.

Subject: Hi Danielle
Message: hi how are you?., I am Angelo Jaguande Im from Peru Im 27 years old., and you it would like to be able mas of know you., to know since like you are., you look like to me a beautiful person., you are very happy., very enterteining., and I am charmed with it of a girl as beautiful as your., you have the prettiest look, a few beautiful and tender eyes and the prettiest smile., good my small queen I leave my email ok you it is Kisses look after yourself very much. You know are a very beautiful woman., beautiful and very pretty and I would like to know if I will have the possibility of being corresponded to your beautiful heart and to your pretty feeling of being accepted by your great love., I like you too much and look like to myself a very good person., good slightly crazy as anyone., but that you are very good., you have the prettiest smile, a few beautiful lips and a provocative look., you are very nice., I hope that you answer me ok order you many embraces and kisses. I tell you that the Englishman does not speak very well but to be read perfectly., and to write it also., but if one would like to call you to say so many beautiful things to you as your., good I wait for your response.

Subject: hi
Message: hey u look like acool girl and very cute if i might say i am 3 months in canada now i am in london ontraio but me and my friend r going to b.c in two weeks i thought it will be nice to know somebody there that i can hang out with him so... if u r out going girl so write me back live it up amir perri

Subject: hi my name Jonathan
Message: I'm asshole when i don't get any.I gotta have my pizza or I'm an asshole o.So wants going on?

Subject: Just
Message: wanted to say you look like my dream girl... no joke believe or not...if you think that i am a creep, then you don't have to reply. if you want me to prove it to you that you are like my dream girl...holla back. I am 23m from surrey. I have everything except a girl like you. ;) -Tiger

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amir said...

Remove my name please asap!!!
Thank you and goodbye,