Sunday, January 01, 2006

Back to the daily grind

Well Christmas is over, and New Years, and I start my new job tomorrow.

Friday was my last shift at the restaurant and it was uneventful. My manager did give me a "Rocky Mountain Bearfucker" shot though. I mean what's better than 151, Jack Daniels and Tequila all rolled into one? A whole bunch of people that were working that day hadn't even heard that I'd quit so I didn't get a big send-off or anything. Whatever, farewell jerks!

Christmas and Boxing Day were ok. I got lots of gift cards so I can buy myself stuff I actually want. I have one sweater I need to take back but it's exchange only, those bastards. And it's from Randy River, who I didn't even know sold girl's clothes, so it might be hard for me to find something thats not too manly. As for Boxing Day, the best part was when we got home and my sister went to bed and me and her bf stayed up, smoked a fatty and watched "House of Wax." It wasn't good but I figured any movie with Paris Hilton in it would have been worse.

Yesterday was New Years eve, and it also was just ok. I went to this gay party in Delta, then went to downtown Vancouver. We made it to the pub with about 20 seconds til midnight, so good timing. I wish I had just gone to the hockey party in Chilliwack. Maybe I would have actually had someone to make out with for the new year. That 18-year-old would be there and turning 19 at midnight so I wouldn't be a total child molester anymore.

On Wednesday I went to a bar with my friend. She had a baby 6 weeks ago and it was her first fun night out. We got a hotel room and everything and partied til 5. I also kissed the DJ. His name was "Storm," U know, like X-Men. The best part though was that even though my friend lost most of the baby weight already she still has a little belly so she wore these huge granny panties that held in her tum-tum. Not that there's anything wrong with grannies ... they're a hug for your bum.

Anyways ya, Tomorrow= First day at New Job= Danielle is SCARED SHITLESS!! Oh well what can ya do. And I have to wake up at like 6 which I'm not lookin forward too. At least I'm gonna be making fat money­. Cha-ching!!