Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jesus Christ ... mas!

Christmas was ok. I find the older I get the more dissappointing it is. Like you wake up... open presents... and then its like oh its over.

Two of my friends got me really good presents. One got me Crocs because I told her I hate them. She also make me a Gunther and Toplass pillow and slippers. It was freakin awesome. She totally spoils me! My other friend got me my first MAC makeup... lipglass! She also made me something, which was a shirt that said D and J Twins Inc because we are the twins. It was pink. Obviously.

For dinner we went to my Auntie's house. It was weird because we usually do Boxing Day with that side of the family, not Christmas, so everything was just wrong. I was also hung over. Yeah, I was hungover on Christmas Day... so what.

Monday, December 25, 2006

On the eve of "Hey-Zeus's" b-day...

Christmas Eve I went with my parents to their friends house. We played Pictionary. I was a total games Nazi so it was pretty fun. We lost. I was mad. Grrr.

There was this guy there that was kinda cute but not my type. He sorta looked like Mr. Potato Head. I told my mom that and she got mad at me... Well she can go out with him then!

He called the people whose house we were at to get my phone number and called me at home. I didn't know who it was. I thought maybe Teddy... but alas not Teddy. It was the spud. Sorry Spud.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Party

Although I will not fully disclose the happenings of our Christmas party I will provide you with a few tidbits... And pictures... I figured out how finally!

Anyways the girls and I went downtown early and checked into the hotel to have showers, get ready and have some wine. Went down, had some dinner took some pics, made nice with old guys, you know the drill.

After dinner and dancing the fun started. I told everyone to come up to my room for the after-party, but then decided against it and moved the party next door.

My "twin" ... who will remain nameless but you know who I'm talking about... was HAMMERED. She put on a bit of a show for us, including multiple clothing changes, stuffing cheezies in her mouth and blowing them all over, spilling red wine on the pillows and jumping me on the bed. I think she sorta kissed my neck. What a gal.

Some old guys from down the hall decided to party-crash our room. One who we will refer to as "Nipples" was wearing a tight old man shirt and you could definitely see where he got his nickname. Another one of the old men told me that I was too pretty to get myself a boyfriend and that I should "ugly myself up a bit" if I wanted to get one... A third asked us for Coke. Ew grow up old druggie man!

Anyhoo the next morning was kinda rough but we toughed it out for some breakie and then I went home and slept the rest of the day. I heart naps!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why do I have to be a homewrecker?

From the beginning I have always had homewrecker tendancies. In grade 10 I started liking my first long term boyfriend when he was dating someone... then he broke up with her and dated me... Then in grade 12 my other long term boyfriend dumped his girlfriend for me... and it just went on from there.

Here are the latest examples:

Let's start with the most innocent one... Last night I went downtown and kept calling this guy to meet up with me... We chatted and he said he was gonna meet up with us but he didn't. I found out this morning that apparently he has a gf. Oops.

Then there is the flirting with the boyfriend of a girl at my friend's Christmas party. Well ... she left me on my own and his girlfriend left him so we started to chat... And we had some really good conversations... and did some flirting. He's just so good looking! And not just a pretty face. I couldn't help myself... and the booze didn't help either! The sad thing is that he is planning a big surprise for her for Christmas...but she told my friend that she was thinking of dumping him. Poor boy. So I'm gonna try and keep myself in the pic... you know, just in case.

Thirdly... and worst of all. I did "stuff" with a guy that has a girlfriend. I know I am a terrible gal... but honestly apparently they have this messed up relationship where they cheat on each other 24/7... So if she cheats on him too then it's fair game. Anyways he didn't tell me he had a friend did.

Anyways, this guy is GORGEOUS... I had a lot of fun that night... I did NOT sleep with him though, I'm not that much of a ho. He took my number but I doubt he will call me... I'm thinking he's a big player.

apres Halloween

So... after Halloween I talked to that Iceman guyfor a while. He seemed like a good boyfriend prospect... cute, going to school, smart. He is the only person I know that beat my on the Biology 12 provincial exam (I got 96%...he got 100... bastard.)

I saw him once at The Mirage after that and we danced and kissed but nothing ever happened of it. It's ok... he had stink breath anyways.

After that a few more prospects came up... Lola's super cute friend told her to bring out her blonde friend (aka me) one night. I didn't end up seeing him but we texted back and forth for a bit.

The Sunday after that I went with some workfriends to a Canucks game. Not only was it a good game where we won, and my hockey boyfriend Taylor Pyatt got in the best fight ever, but I also met a cute guy.

He's 29, Italian, lives in Kits and drives a Coca Cola truck. We've been talking a bit on the phone, but I haven't actually seen him since then. I'm thinking I might have to give him a call next weekend when I'm staying at the hotel downtown.

Monday, November 06, 2006


On Halloween I went on a club crawl with my friend Lola. Let's just say it was a crazy night.

We started off at the Plaza of Nations where it was freezing cold and I drank a lot of Diet Rockstar. We met many interesting characters, namely Bob the Builder and some Sperm. Well, they were actually the "Fallopian Swim Team."

Then we hooked up with the guys from Top Gun. Yes, Maverick and Iceman themselves. Iceman was super cute and both me and Lola had spotted him from far away. We talked and he gave me his number. Then her and I made sure we got on the same bus as them.

We got to the first club and paid our way in... Well they paid our way in; I don't pay to get in anywhere. It was pretty fun; We all had drinks and danced.

Then we went to the next club where I kinda start feeling sick so I had some water and ate two granola bars and then I felt good.

On the bus to the third club I kissed Iceman. It was just a peck but I could tell Lola was jealous. She said she wasn't rattled... but she SO was. Then at the club she was totally all over him and he was not enjoying it. He tells me how she is annoying him because he's not interested in her... He is interested in me. So I tried to stay between them but she is persistant.

We left that club and I texted him a bit later and we have been talking/texting ever since. He even texted me 20 mins before the test I took today which was super sweet. We will see what happens. Don't wanna get my hopes up.

Bye Bye Brown Bird

Binder is now in the past... Whether he knows it or not.

We ended up hanging out a few more times and really don't have that much in common. We are both are in love with different people... me with myself (well that's what everyone thinks)... and him with his ex girlfriend. The moment he told me that was the moment I gave up on him.

I'm not waiting around for him and his ex to either work out or not. Plus... Let me tell you...I do not need any brown person drama in my life!

He still keeps phoning and texting me... and I know why. He wants some of that white-girl lovin'! Well it's too late boy! That's why when you phone I press IGNORE!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The rules of baseball

It was totally a high school reunion the other weekend at the club ... There were no less than 12 Mouat Alumni present that night at Vanilla Room... the night when I met this guy who we will call "binder." He had gone to my high school and college (and as I was surprised to find out my elementary school too,) but we had never really talked. I knew who he was, but that was it.

We started talking and hit it off. He gave me his number and I texted him when I got home from the club (I had to call a taxi because my asshole friends left me there alone!) He phoned me and we've been talking since.

On Tuesday we went on a date and totally clicked. I had fun talking and flirting with him and there was tonnes of chemistry. He told me he liked me and I told him I liked him too. At the end of the night we made plans to hang out again and I left him with a little bit of kissing.

So, on Thursday night (when we were supposed to hang out) I came home from work, got changed and called him, to which I recieved a "You have reached the mailbox of Binder" etc etc... so I left him a message (which went unanswered) and stayed home to watch a couple episodes of 90210. As much as I'm seriously loving the 90's flashbacks, I was seriously pissed. If you can't come out ok, just gimme a damn phone call! Strike 1 Binder Boy!

I caught up to him the next day; he gave me some lame excuse and I gave him a lecture. We made plans to hang out Saturday night after I volunteered at my work's annual golf tournament.

We talked a few times during the day, and I was tired so we were going to just chill and watch a movie that night. Then he called me saying that his friend really wanted him to go downtown with them so did I want to do that instead. I just wanted to relax but told him that he could do whatever he wanted. I was just glad that he had learned his lesson and called me instead of leaving me hanging again.

I missed his next call, but I got quite a surprise when I checked my messages... He had decided to go out and was just meeting up with his buddy (that's fine... ok) but his ex-girlfriend had called him and wanted to have "a talk" with him, and she was coming out too (maybe not ok.) He said that he told me the truth because he wanted to be honest with me (ok... that's good, he must respect me) but now today is Sunday and I haven't heard from him at all (maybe not so good after all.)

So I'm thinking that either:
A) they talked and decided to get back together
B) that they were never broken up in the first place and that's why he sold me out, or
C) she's pregnant.

Any one of these equals STRIKE 2 BIG GUY!!

More info to follow (when I finally get a friggin' phone call!)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Pimpin Aint Easy ... Or is it?

For some reason that is beyond me I have been very popular with the male part of the species lately... Actually it's not beyond me, I don't blame them. I'm damn sexy... Anyways here are the juicy details:

I was out with my friend the other night and met two of her boyfriend's friends One is not my usual type, he's brown and lives downtown. The other is TOTALLY my type: tall, big lips, a few tattoos ... YUM. Both of them asked her for my number and started texting me. I sorta blew off one but still text the other once in a while...You know, telling him about how I got new 400 thread count sheets.

Well as it turns out I think that the one I like is turning into a bit of a player. He was in a serious relationship for a looong time and I think he's rebeling now. Too much of a bad boy for me ... Big sis doesn't approve.

A little bit after that my other friend hooked me up with this guy on a double date. He was in town on vacation from working the oil rigs in Alberta. Yes, that means big moola! He was actually cute and we ended up making out a couple times, but of course he had to go back to the praries. He thinks that if he lived here that I would date him, but I dunno... I think he's a smooth talker. He's been texting me too though, telling me how he misses me and sending X's and O's.

If only I could find a guy that lives here, isn't a player, and will actually phone me and ask me out instead of just texting me. Come on guys, I'm not THAT intimidating!

Office Hottie

I entered this contest on the radio. You had to send in three hot pics of yourself at your office. If you were in the top ten then you got to compete in a fashion show to be Vancouver's "Office Hottie 2006."

Well I entered, and I was top ten and I got to be in a fashion show out on the street in downtown Vancouver! That's right, me up there on stage on Burrard and Robson struttin my stuff in a black corset, a mini skirt, fishnets and stilettos. It was hot. I didn't win... that honour went to a nasty girl with 3-inch long brown roots in her bleach blonde hair. She was a total butter-face, she looked pretty good until you looked up.

I did take home some free loot though. Along with the typical pen and magnet I got a shower radio and even a robe! (Note the theme ... robe=shower=naked.)

My sister and a bunch of people from my work all came out to watch ... One girl even made me a sign that said: "Hot Danielle Have My BABY!" Hell ya she did.

That night all the girls from work went out on the town. Two words: Gong and Show. We went to Republic, across to Caprice, back to Republic, then got kicked out of there because one of the girls puked(somehow managing to get it on my foot and my friend's foot at the same time,) then back in, then home. It was quite the night.

PS. After we put barfing girl in the cab the driver had to pull over 5 time to let her throw up ... I know niiiice.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

nothing like getting set up by your dad!

I was sitting at work on Friday when my dad called telling me that him and my mom are going on a yacht to watch the fireworks that weekend, and a guy at his worked had his date cancel on him, so did I want to go in her plaece? Well, why not?

I went on the boat cruise. The food was great, the drinks were free, the guy is ok. I think he was trying to ask me out again but I changed the subject.

The highlight of the trip was probably the skytrain ride home. Unlike last Saturday no one puked in front of me, so that made it 100% better right away. My dad was being the "weird drunk guy" on the skytrain, and chatting up ramdoms. He got into a pretty good convo with some kid that had a skinboard.

Also on the Skytrain was these two fat Japanese guys on a bench. One started saying to his friend that he didn't know who the president of Canada is. He said that he asked his mom and she didn't know either. So he asks his friend, "Who is the president of Canada?" and his friend is like "Stephen Harper," and I'm thinking "Buddy, it's not a PRESIDENT, It's a PRIME MINISTER!" I don't know why he didn't know that, he wasn't even fresh off the boat.

Then this guy started talking about Hitler, who he classified as "that little skinhead guy," and starts doing that Nazi thing where you stick your arm out... And he kept on doing it for a long time. After that he started talking about how Germany and Japan are such good friends and were in the war together until they got bombed. Ka-POW!!!

couldn't have put it better myself

Life Is Precious - So Is My Bodily Discharge
(Taken from T-Shirt Hell Newsletter, Early August... Used without permission, sorry)

Banning the use of stem cells in medical research is a big step in the right direction, but it doesn't go nearly far enough. If you truly wish to protect life in all of its forms you are going to have to get just a little crazier and laugh in the face of scientific fact just a little more. I have just a few suggestions on how we can accomplish this.

The first thing we need to do is ban the wasting of sperm in any way, shape or form. Here is a brief list of things that will no longer be permitted under this rule. No contraceptive use, no masturbating, no pulling out, no swallowing and no anal sex. All of these things waste precious life-giving materials and will not be tolerated. If you must do any of these, you must place your "leavings" in a government issued petri dish and mail it to the Department of Agriculture (don't ask).

Furthermore, no more sex with animals. If it created life in the form of a half dog/half human or half llama/half human it would be acceptable, but until scientists create animals that can be impregnated by humans no animal sex will be allowed.

And while we cannot stop individuals from having wet dreams, we can harvest the material they discharge over night. So all males who have gone through puberty will be required, by law, to wear a sperm collection bin on their genitals while they sleep.

Those are the obvious steps we must take, but there's so much more. Like it or not, the world is full of rapists, pedophiles and other sexual deviants. We cannot stop them from performing illegal sex acts, but we can do the next best thing. We can make sure women of all ages are capable of being impregnated. From the ages of 0-100, all females must be able to conceive. If this means a 9-month-old baby gives birth, so be it. No one ever said protecting life at all costs would make sense.

And it goes without saying that abortion will not be allowed under any circumstances. If a 12-year-old is raped by her uncle and will produce a four-fingered baby with a tail, she must keep it. Protecting life means keeping things alive, not keeping them healthy. If, through some unforeseeable circumstances, you MUST get an abortion, the substances taken from your womb will be used in the creation of a patched together baby. A Franken-baby, if you will.

And in that same vein, women's ovaries will be genetically engineered and the ovulation cycle will be altered to run all day, every day. If women have sex while they aren't ovulating, the sperm they have received will go to waste, and the sexual activity will have been performed for absolutely no reason. This cannot be allowed.

These are all important things we must do in order to preserve humanity. The nearly seven billion people on Earth may make it seem like we don't need to work so hard to protect life, but that's not the case. Because there is one threat to life that is more dangerous than anything else I've mentioned. Death. Death is a merciless killer and will stop at nothing to wipe out the human race. Overpopulating the planet is a great way to fight death, but it's not enough. We've got to stop letting people die. If that means hooking up the elderly to a dozen machines just so their heart keeps beating, then that's a sacrifice we must make. Even if the only thing a person can do is occupy space, we can't let them go.

So in this Utopia I've planned for us, the world will be covered with flipper babies and half human/half robot senior citizens. Like I said, keeping someone alive is more important than keeping them happy. After all, God gave us the precious gift of life, and we must not allow him to take it back.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Les Works des Fire

I went to downtown to watch the fireworks formerly know as the Symphony of Fire yesterday. I don't remember their new name but they were damn good.

As everyone knows, if you want to properly enjoy the light show you first need to comsume a few beverages of the alcoholic nature... And smoke some pot. So, that is what I did. It didn't turn out to be such a good idea when I started to black out during the show, flailed my arms around like a blind person and almost sat down on someone. I've decided that mixing booze and weed and being in a huge crowd is not such a good idea.

I wasn't the most embarassed person of the night however; I was upstaged by the girl that spewed some nasty oatmeal-looking stuff on the Skytrain. Most of it made it into a barf bag that some dude had handy; but alas, some ended up on the floor. It was pretty sick and we changed trains ASAP.

My friend had brought out this guy to hook me up with. He was kinda cute, but in more of a little kid way than a "I wanna pin you down to my bed" way. He was a total gentleman though, leading me through the crowd and making sure I was all right.

Next weekend I'm supposed to be going to "Tulameen" (again, spelling?) It's supposed to be a big gong show. I'm just hoping there are some cute boys there. Everything is more fun with some eye candy around.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who's Got Game?


Seriously...I should not have a problem getting a man... A friend recently told me: "You're hot and you have a good personality, I don't understand why you don't have a boyfriend?!" Well I don't get it either! She was not just being nice to me because I'm fat, boring, and she feels sorry for me, she's right!

My other friend has two guys she wants to hook me up with. One is a brown guy who's short. The other is supposed to be hot and really funny and she said that I would like him. But, according to her he's creepy. I asked her, "Why would you say that I would like him if he's creepy?" She replied: "Because you will like him, he's good looking, but he's creepy." Ok then.

This is what Teddy has to say about the situation (from MSN:)

vickers - says:
hows your boy situation

Danielle says:
non existant teddy!!

Danielle says:
i have no game anymore

vickers - says:

vickers - says:
you just need to get your groove back

vickers - says:
maybe bump a younger guy

vickers - says:
a good looking one

vickers - says:
get yourself going again lol

vickers - says:
like myself

vickers - says:
i have to jump in the shower though i work at the restaraunt tonight and then i leave tomorrow morning

vickers - says:
MISS YOU LOVE, take care, dont worry about the game everything is cyclical.. you have ups and downs you just have to enjoy the ride

Awww I love Teddy. I just noticed that he suggested I do him, but still aww. I will consider your advice Teddy ol' buddy ol' pal.

The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY

So, even though I said that I was going to boycot Canadian Idol I have been watching it anyways... Why? It's kinda like when you see an accident at the side of the road and slow down to take in the scene. Canadian TV is like that accident; It's just so devastatingly bad that you have to watch it. As bad or worse than Idol is "Canada's Next Top Model." An UGLY girl won! That's just WRONG!

Speaking of things on the side of the road...I was driving to work and saw a squished crow in the middle of the street. Then on my way home I saw it again but instead of being squished down one wing was sticking straight up. Then I went to the Doctor and saw it again and both wings were straight up. I'm thinking this is some weird rigor mortis thing 'cause how do the wings start to come up when it's already squished? Then I'm driving home from the Doctor and see some guy swerve his car to deliberately run over this dead bird. Once again it's squished. I can only quote the Lion King: It's the circle of life.

Now that that unpleasantness is over with...I'm entering a contest. An office hottie contest. I got someone to take pics of me at work lookin all sexy and entered them on the website for a radio station. If I win I get a grand and an office party. But most of all I get to put "office hottie" on my business cards. Not that they give me any... But I'd do it. Don't doubt me!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Canadian Idol is Bullshit

I have to say it: I am deeply disturbed by this week's Canadian Idol results. My two favourite guys were voted off: Abbotsford guy and Mohawk guy. And yes, I may be judging on looks but whatever, that's how I do!

Obviously the rest of Canada wants to watch a bunch of uglies running around the stage singing, but not me! OH NO Not me! This is bull!

And as much as I don't really care about the girls I really wish they would get rid of the girl that screeches and tries to be Alanis. Just because she somehow managed to get a hot husband doesn't mean there's any chance for you Moanie McGee.

Oh yeah and one more thing. Canada's Next Top Model sucks too. If I wanna see an ugly, skinny red-head I'll play with my Raggedy Ann doll.

mmm no title this time

So so so...

Since the accident work has sucked. My neck has been sore so I can't do my job properly. I just have to be there with nothing to do. This makes my days seem to last FOREVER.

The good news is that me and my friend are talking again. We didn't for a while because of a whole complicated boy situation. She's dating the guy I was hanging out with and then I hung around with her ex and we all saw each other at the bar and it was just weird.

So in the boy situation nothing much is going on. All I really seem to do is make out with boys at the bar and then it just goes nowhere. I met this guy when I was out with Lola and we really hit it off, but he's from Toronto so he gave me his friend's cell number. I called but his friend wasn't with him so that went no where.

Also this guy I met at the bar like a month and a half ago called me. Apparently he would have sooner but he had my number mixed up with someone else's. So we talked for a few days and I called him when I went downtown one night and then never heard from him when I was supposed to. So whatever. I'm not chasing him down like a stalker.

So my other friend and I were at the bar and she hurt her food. It's either broken or badly sprained and hasn't healed at all in two weeks. For a week I picked her up for work every day. It was sorta nice to have someone to talk to on the long drive.

Now it's the weekend and it's totally sunny and I'm home alone, bored. I tanned for a bit. I kinda wanna go out tonight, but not to the bar, so I dunno if anything will happen. It's hard when all your friends are barstars.

Oh yeah. Perhaps future news ... This girl I work with wants to set me up with these guys. They are twins so I get to choose. I hope I like one (Or both HAHA ... that could be fun!)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I heart you Honda Civic

Sooooooo.... I returned from Vegas to find all the shit from the inside of my car sitting in two plastic bags. Yes, indeed ... My car was a WRITE OFF!!

It sucked because I really did like my car. It was like a faithful friend who was always there for me through thick and thin, good gas prices and bad, flat tires and new brakes. It even looked like me (blonde.) Haha?

Anyways I thought that ICBC was gonna totally screw me but I actually ended up getting a good price for my car.

I took that money and bought a 2004 Honda Civic. It's a 4-door but it has dark black tinted windows and I'm getting my old CD player and a spoiler put on so it should be pimpin before too long. I must say I quite enjoy it. (Sorry Blondie!)

AND most importantly I got rid of the coutesy car from hell. Damn you Pontiac, DAMN YOU!

What happens in Vegas ... goes on bloggy

So, my trip to Vegas was eventful, if nothing else.

I was there with a bunch of other people and sometimes felt like I was babysitting. We flew out of Bellingam airport so we had to cross the border first and one girl forgot her birth certificate so we had to go back and get it. Then at the border we had to pull over and get searched. Then at the airport I got searched AGAIN. It sucked.

Vegas was fun though. There sure is a lot to see. And take pics of, like my friend did like a crazy asian tourist. I wanted to throw her camera into the fountains at the Bellagio.

We met these hot Australian rugby players. Mine was named Tom Collins. Like the drink. I know its Vegas and all but I'm pretty sure that was his real name. If I ever decide to head to Aussie-Land I'll look him up fo sho.

So, funny story. I had gone to sleep and a buncha ppl were out still. Then at like 6 in the morning decided to party in our room, waking me up. This guy we were with kept poking my bum and I was yelling and the security guard came to the door to check that I wasn't being raped or anything. Well I sorta was. Finger raped. But it was just my friend the perv.

We saw the Cirque de Soliel show "Zumanity." It was the sex one. Pretty good. There were freaky, naked Asian girl swimming around in a fishbowl and this midget that prettymuch was flying around the room. Crazy shit.

Anyhoo that's prettymuch all I can remember. Except oh yeah. We have better strippers here in Beautiful BC!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

bad luck...duh duh duuuuhhh

So, after my drama-filled Friday, Saturday got even worse.

I went to the club with two couples (yes, I was the 5th wheel ok!) Both of them got into huge fights when I was driving home. We got kicked out of a Chinese food restaurant. I got called ugly (I'm NOT!!) My shirt got ruined. My friend and her bf almost broke up. AND I didn't get to bed til like 6:30 in the morning. It was just bad.

Now lets fast forward to yesterday. My friend's grandma went into the hospital and is not doing good, and her boyfriend gets let go from his job. My grandpa is also in the hospital. Things are not looking up. I'm also getting a cold. Yuck.

So, I left work early to go to the eye doctor. I was driving on the highway when the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes HARD. I was going like 100kms/hr at this point. So, I slammed on mine. I managed not to hit the guy in front of my but the guy behind me rammed into me. My head went hard into the headrest. Anyways now I have whiplash and a really bad cold. I had to cancel my eye appointment, which I need to get contacts before I go away, I also have to re-schedule my grad pics. And my neck hurts... and my nose hurts... and I'm BITCHY.

What is up with my luck. I won't say that it can't get worse, but it better not!!

Drama Queen

So... I asked my friend if it was ok for me to go for her ex and she was totally for it. She does have a bf after all, so why would she care?

So, me and the guy had been talking and texting etc... And then I saw him at the club one Friday night and ended up going home with him. We'll just say that things were hot.

Then that Sunday (it was a long weekend) my friend had a bbq, and the "I don't want a girlfriend" guy was there. I ended up sleeping in a single bed with him, but no, I did not sleep with him.

Anyways so I had talked to the ex guy that night but I didn't hear from him at all the rest of the week, so when I saw him at the club the next weekend I ignored him. That's what he gets. I don't just go home with guys from the club all the time. I actually liked him. Anyways, so he came over and talked to me and explained that he had been away on the island all week (What, there are no phones there dumbass?) He was so hot that I had to forgive him.

So then I'm in the bathroom and I come out and he's there talking to guess who... my friend, his ex. So I talk to them and it's sorta weird. And after that his friend keep saying shit like "She's staring at you" and stuff to the guy, and he's all like "We went out SEVEN years ago!" and the friend is like "Well she thinks it's less." ETC ETC

Then he talks to me for a bit, and then I see him talking to her and both of them just disappear. Her friends she came with asked me if I knew where she was. I had no idea. So, I figured they were together which really made me upset. She HAS a boyfriend and she told me that it was ok for me to go for him. And I'm emotionally in it now, it's too late for her to say no.

So, I'm in a pissy mood and I get my friend to take me home and I talk to the guy. Turns out that my friend, as well as another of his exs, was there and both of them were apparently being jealous and ganging up on him and trying to "sabotage" (his words) him. He didn't wanna deal with the drama so he left. He also told me that she was saying shit to him but wouldn't tell me what she said. Well if they were jealous of me then good. He should have just told me and I would have made out with him on the dance floor or something to make them more jealous.

Now, the girl is supposed to be my best friend and she knows I like him so she should NOT be hitting on him. Especially when she has a boyfriend. I even tried to call her and see where she went and she won't return my phone calls. Well, let me tell ya, she has no right to be mad at me so screw that.

As for the guy, he obviously doesn't wanna date me or he would have asked me out by now. I think he's more of a "likes me enough to flirt and put his hand on his leg when he sees me, but not enough to date at this time" guy. He is going back to school in August though, so that makes sense. So, if I see him out and about I'll say hi, do a little make-out action maybe, but I'm not trying for him anymore. Too much work. As everyone keeps telling me: There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I sure know how to pick 'em !!

So this week at work was relatively un-eventful as usual. I had found out when I got back from my trip that my college graduation ceremony is scheduled for June 9th. That's the day after I get home from Vegas so now I have to take off the whole week instead of 4 days. My boss was NOT happy. He's like "You aren't supposed to be making any more vacation requests." Well what am I supposed to do? Miss my own grad? I think not!! It's kinda important!

Anyways this weekend was ok. On Friday I stayed downtown with my friend We went to this concert at the Commodore. Some guy called “Matt Mays” that I’ve never heard of. It was ok except halfway though I got really sick and was blacking out and she pretty much had to drag me over to the side. I don’t know what was wrong but it was not normal. I had drank like 4 drinks over the course of the night and had a few hoots of some guy’s joint. It had to be laced with something because this was not just a normal drunk pass-out. Anyways while I was lying wiht my head down on the table some guy came up and started hitting on me. Guys are sickos. Really.

On Saturday my parents had a party. Their parties are fun because their friends tell me how gorgeous I am, and a girl can't get enough of that. My friend picked me up and we went out to this club in Burnaby. It was the birthday of these twins and it was all rented out for them.

While I was there I met this guy. Well first his friend came over and was like "You're hot, I'm gonna hook you up with my friend." So he brings his friend over and the friend is actually pretty hot. I kinda stared at him over the course of the night and then saw him dancing with some girl so I was gonna give up. But then he was standing alone and I went and talked to him. He is totally hot and nice and we danced and I think even kissed a little. Then I found out that he is my friend's ex from high school who totally broke her heart. Normally I would be like "Whoa no way" but she is dating my ex crush so we may be even. I would like to see this guy again but I have to ask her first if it's ok... Which is impossible to do since she doesn't have a cell and I can NOT get a hold of her.

Woe is me!! I have bad, bad taste in boys!!

Mexico me love you more!!

Aaaah Mexico. The warm breezes ... the blue-green ocean ... the "Sports and Entertainment" boys. It was definately a memorable Vacay.

Me and my dad went scuba diving. It was so cool. There were fish that weighed almost as much as I do and we could just swim right upto them. At first I was a little freaked out but you get used to it.

I wish I had a friend there instead of just my sister. She went out one night with me to the club but the other nights I went out without her. I hung out mostly at night with one of the guys that worked there, my "dancing partner." (Grinding is more like it though, haha.) Aaand I kissed him 'cause I figured he's probably not allowed to go around kissing hotel guests but this way if he got caught he could be like "It's not my fault ... SHE kissed ME." I know I'm a friggin genius!

My sister, my dad and I went out on this Waverunner Jungle Tour. My sis and I were on one singing "Fast Cars and Freedom." It was great. The speed thingy was broken so you always ended up going full speed without even touching it. I did almost drive us directly into these branches that were sticking out and killing us, but it was ok... Almost doesn't count.

The food at the hotel was awesome and super fancy. The way it was presented made you feel like you were on the Food Network or something! And breakie-poo was awesome. Omelette bar every morning and refried beans for breakfast. YUM. At one of the restaurants there were all these cats. They were skinny so I fed them. This other lady said they were probably for the Asian restaurant. Ewww poor, poor kitties.

The plane ride on the way home was turbulent. And I don't mean a few bumps, I mean hold on for your life scary; people crying and holding hands turbulent. I was surprised no one shit their pants. Well, maybe some did but it was no one near me or I would have smelled it haha.

The worst thing about my trip was that it was so damn depressing to come home. Everything there is just so great and relaxed and nice and warm. And I missed the my dancing partner. He was just so different than any guy here. First of all he was the best dancer I've ever danced with... But most of all he just had the best attitude out of anyone I've ever met. He lived there through the hurricane and everything and it's just amazing.

I think I need to take salsa lessons.

Whistler me love you

So the other weekend there was this "Telus World Ski and Snowboard Fest" thing up in Whistler and seeing how my good friend is my hook up I went up there with her when she went up for work. Also the night before she got us tickets to see Queen. Queen can you believe it? We were in the 5th row on the floor. Yah baby.

Anyways so I go up to Whistler with my friend and her work people and stay in the Hilton with them. I don't know why they let us slobs stay in such a nice hotel. We took pictures in the bathroom pretending that these big body pillows were dicks and we were peeing. That is how immature we are ... I mean FUN. That's how FUN we are.

The bell boy at the hotel loved me. He got me free chapstick. And drove around our drunk asses. One of the other girls said about me: "I love having hot girls around to get us stuff!" I am taking a bow right now. Stop looking up my skirt you perv.

So up there those guys all had to work so I kinda had to amuse myself. It was ok. I snuck into the media tent to get free stuff (Including Visine ... in Whistler... Go figure.) I also got a free mini-facial at Lush and I was an extra in this lady's movie. It was for this filmmaker showdown thingy they were doing where they goy 72hrs to make a movie in Whistler. Anyways this lady was from Sweden and her movie was called "If Only." I had to walk and sit at a table and eat salad ... all BACKWARDS. Yeah it was weird. At first I was like "Oh my God I'm on Candid Camera!" But no, it was just that fucked up.

I also managed to spend most of my paycheque on clothes at Guess. But hey whatever, you only live once!

Friday, April 07, 2006

everybody's working for the weekend

It's Friday evening and I'm waiting for my pizza to get here. Yah I know ... good diet food to make me look hot in a bikini in Mexico!!

This week went fast at work ... And this is because I was sick for 2 days. I don't know if it was the flu or food poisoning or what. I tried to make it in on Tuesday, made it halfway, turned around and then puked on the street in front of my house. My neighbors probably thought I was just getting in for the night!

Anyways on Weds I went to work and gave my vacation request for Vegas. Instead of signing it my boss put a stickynote that said "Please see me". Yikes. Then he went home early so I couldn't talk with him... And then he didn't come in the next day 'cause he was sick. Seriously buddy .... Don't do that to me! I'm enough of a stress case!

So I went to talk to him today and he wasn't too happy that I'm new and I'm taking 2 vacations so soon. But I mean I wasn't planning on going to Vegas, it just happened! We have this system where for every month you work that earns you 1.25 vacation days. So if you take all of your vacation days for that year before the end of the year you will be in negative #s. So I'm at a -6 as the moment, and will break even after August. But the only way for me not to be in the negative is to not use my vacation days .... And I can't go a whole year and go nowhere!

He was also concerned that I've been sick a lot. I can see where he's coming from, 'cause I have been sick a lot. SICK. Lying at home in my bed sick. It's not like I'm faking it.

Anyways all is ok and I eventually got my paper signed so I'm officially going to VEGAS! I'll just try not to be sick from now on and if I am I'm spreading it to EVERYONE!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

me sicky

Well it's Sunday night and besides having that sick "I have to go back to work for another 5 days tomorrow" feeling I also feel sick to my stomach. I don't know if it's the flu or food poisoning or what ... But lets just say that yesterday and today I couldn't keep anything down, I know ew.

Yesterday I went out for one of my friends boyfriend's birthdays. The birthday boy and I spent most of the night dancing. Before I barfed. Anyways, I gave him my number on the way home and he texted me today to see how I was doing so that was nice.

The guy is pretty cute and nice. Has a shaved head and that's a new thing for me. He's also really skinny but that's ok. I think that it can be good if I'm staying away from my norm, since that doesn't seem to be working out too well for me. So hopefully he will phone me again.

It feels kinda weird thinking about the new but 'cause I'm pretty sure that I like another guy. Even if he likes me too he doesn't want a gf anyways so it doesn't even matter. I've also been messaging (on hi-5) this guy, who I had a crush on last year. I'm thinking that summer is coming up and I'm gonna hang out with as many boys as possible and maybe one of them will actually like me well enough to date me! Isn't that a novel idea!!

Oh yeah my mom bought a new Nissan 350Z yesterday. It's dark silver and I really wanna drive it.

Oh, and the best thing... Guess where I'm going ... VEGAS BABY!!! I'm going with a buncha people and we got a really good deal. It's only gonna be like $600 CAD including flight, hotel and all the taxes n stuff. We're staying at the MGM Grand too, which is pretty nice! I'm so excited!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

crazy ppl that no speak english

So, I have a profile on "Hi5" and I get a lot of guys that message me. Some of them though, can NOT speak Anglais !! Just for fun here are some examples:

Subject: Hello Princess
Message: Hello Good Days I was in hi5 and I saw your profile and it sends a message to you if you speak a little of Spanish wirte me pleases to me to make friendships greetings from Peru Lima kisses Francisco;) add me youre hi too

Subject: Well
Message: here is a message for u, im not creepy and u got a beautyful smile its a pitty that im not in canada and a pitty that u look like a very gentle person and well u look nice gooooood luck

Subject: hi
Message:I wated to be one of the many men that pm'd u to say you look real pretty.

Subject: Hi Danielle
Message: hi how are you?., I am Angelo Jaguande Im from Peru Im 27 years old., and you it would like to be able mas of know you., to know since like you are., you look like to me a beautiful person., you are very happy., very enterteining., and I am charmed with it of a girl as beautiful as your., you have the prettiest look, a few beautiful and tender eyes and the prettiest smile., good my small queen I leave my email ok you it is Kisses look after yourself very much. You know are a very beautiful woman., beautiful and very pretty and I would like to know if I will have the possibility of being corresponded to your beautiful heart and to your pretty feeling of being accepted by your great love., I like you too much and look like to myself a very good person., good slightly crazy as anyone., but that you are very good., you have the prettiest smile, a few beautiful lips and a provocative look., you are very nice., I hope that you answer me ok order you many embraces and kisses. I tell you that the Englishman does not speak very well but to be read perfectly., and to write it also., but if one would like to call you to say so many beautiful things to you as your., good I wait for your response.

Subject: hi
Message: hey u look like acool girl and very cute if i might say i am 3 months in canada now i am in london ontraio but me and my friend r going to b.c in two weeks i thought it will be nice to know somebody there that i can hang out with him so... if u r out going girl so write me back live it up amir perri

Subject: hi my name Jonathan
Message: I'm asshole when i don't get any.I gotta have my pizza or I'm an asshole o.So wants going on?

Subject: Just
Message: wanted to say you look like my dream girl... no joke believe or not...if you think that i am a creep, then you don't have to reply. if you want me to prove it to you that you are like my dream girl...holla back. I am 23m from surrey. I have everything except a girl like you. ;) -Tiger

The Prospect?

So there is this guy who I went on a date with a while back and nothing happened, but I saw him again and noticed that he was lookin pretty good (he got a haircut.) I didn't feel well that night so we left early.

The next weekend I went downtown with my friend again. We all hung out as a group and I ended up making out and such with the guy. He was very sweet, all kissing my head and my hand and stuff and not pressuring me at all... And he was like "I need to see you tomorrow!"

So the next night I went over there and we did a little kissing and watched a movie but he didn't really feel good so nothing else really happened. I didn't want to fool around with a guy that had a stomachache.

The weekend after that I saw him and he was being really nice and we sat down and started to kiss and I was like, "So, you never called me this week." And he says "OH, WAS I SUPPOSED TO?" What a dumbass! He's the one who was like "I NEED to see you."

He asks me "What do you want out of this?" and I say: (yes, something only I would actually come out and say) "Well not a fuck-buddy cause I wouldn't need to drive all the way to Vancouver to get that, I could get it in Langley!" So he laughs and tells me that he's not interested in having a girlfriend and I guess we are looking for different things. I say that that's good to know and that was about it.

Now the latest: Last night I was in Van and I was drunk so I texted him and he didn't answer.... Then right as we were leaving I wrote: "Mmm too bad you didn't answer cus I was thinking I could come over and you know..."

... Well he wrote back to that one ASAP saying "Hey I just got ur text, where are you?" and I said "Leaving Gastown" and he said "Wanna stop by?" and I said "Sorry I'm already on the way home but I'm sure I'll see ya soon" and he says "There are other ways for you to get home" and I say "I'm already on the freeway and you would have had to drive me home" and he says "too bad, I would have" and then I got home and said goodnight.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Oh yes ... I went curling.

I don't even like to watch it on tv. In fact my Dad is watching it right now and I refuse to partake. It's just too boring for words....Unless you are playing it like a pro, as I demonstrated recently.

My work has an annual curling "bonspiel" (meaning?) that I decided to joing in this year. My friend, her boyfriend and his friend came with me. All in all we had a ton of fun and didn't even suck too harsh. We won won, lost one and tied one ... not too shabby.

The bad part were the bruises I had on my knees from dragging them on the ground when I threw the rock. And the good part was watching everyone bail hard on the ice. For example, me.

After curling was dinner and we won prizes. I personally got a golf shirt, a water bottle and a really ugly green sweatshirt that I would MAYBE wear camping but maybe not even.

After dinner we went to the casino and watched a Colin James concert. Yeah he's old but we had free tix and he was actually pretty good. It also happened to be my birthday weekend so I wanted to get shittered. Me 'n my friend got pretty buzzed on coolers in the concert but then they shut down the drink carts and I got sober and it sucked.

Then my stomach started to hurt (I had been feeling nauseous for like 3 days in a row) so we went back to my friend's to stay the night.

We watched Bridget Jones 2 and headed off to sleep. In the morning we had breakfast at this good place and I ate eggs!! (I don't eat eggs) so good for me!

My friend's asshole boyfriend

Ok, so remember back in November when my friend started dating that guy who I used to like? I was a little jealous and did a rant about how it wouldn't last. Well now let me tell ya, I'm glad I avoided that a-bomb.

He treats her like POOP. She is hot, blonde and has very large boobies. She should be treated nice. NICE I say!!

Now, an example of his asshole-ness:

She was supposed to go and see him at his house. She showed up and no one was there, so she phones him. He says, "I'm at the pub ... Come down." She asks why he didn't phone before she got to his house and he said that he figured she'd phone him... Well he told her not to 'cause he was gonna be taking a nap!

Anyhoo she gets to the pub and his ex is there. His ex who is a MODEL... And he is ALL OVER her, putting his arms around her waist and neck while his girlfriend watches, and they even walk away and go sit in a booth by themselves.

So at about 11:30 (the bar closes at 12) my friend is fed up and leaves with to go back to her boyfriend's house and wait for him. When she gets there she sees Coors Light bottles everywhere .. the ex had been there too! She decides to take a shower to calm down and figures he will be there when she gets out ... Wrong-o!!! He comes stumbling in at 2 in the morning!! He even tries to claim that him and his ex were sitting in the car in the driveway (where shewould have heard him) "talking." Yeah talking my ass!!

Well now you see what I'm talking about. And that is only one of the bad things he's done.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

long time no see bloggy

Well I've been at my new job for like a month and a half now... I'm actually starting to get used to dragging my ass outta bed at 6. I kept getting these damn colds though, which did not make it any easier and I've missed like 5 sick days in my first month of work. I know, not smart.

Anyways so I've been thinking lately that I have to find myself a boyfriend. A hot, nice, smart one. Moderately rich. HAHA Joking... Stinking rich only. Joking again.

I have seen some hotties on Hi5. I know that sounds loser-ish but whatever, a girl I work with met her beau on the internet so you never know! You also never know what you might see on there. For instance, today not only did I come across the profile of a midget ... but it was a bible-thumping midget that listens to Weird Al... That's not something you see every day!!

I also watched American Idol today. I think it's creepy when guys sing girl songs. It reminds me when I went on a choir trip in grade 8 and the girl we stayed with had a creepy younger brother who continuously belted out "My Heart Will Go On" on the kareoke (spelling?) machine. Urgh. Oh, and another thing about American Idol: This guy at my work thinks I look like Carrie Underwood (I don't) and I wanna three-prong my hair one day for work but I don't wanna look like I'm TRYING to look like her.

Anyways that's all my news for now excepy I'm going to Mexico in April. HELL YA!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Back to the daily grind

Well Christmas is over, and New Years, and I start my new job tomorrow.

Friday was my last shift at the restaurant and it was uneventful. My manager did give me a "Rocky Mountain Bearfucker" shot though. I mean what's better than 151, Jack Daniels and Tequila all rolled into one? A whole bunch of people that were working that day hadn't even heard that I'd quit so I didn't get a big send-off or anything. Whatever, farewell jerks!

Christmas and Boxing Day were ok. I got lots of gift cards so I can buy myself stuff I actually want. I have one sweater I need to take back but it's exchange only, those bastards. And it's from Randy River, who I didn't even know sold girl's clothes, so it might be hard for me to find something thats not too manly. As for Boxing Day, the best part was when we got home and my sister went to bed and me and her bf stayed up, smoked a fatty and watched "House of Wax." It wasn't good but I figured any movie with Paris Hilton in it would have been worse.

Yesterday was New Years eve, and it also was just ok. I went to this gay party in Delta, then went to downtown Vancouver. We made it to the pub with about 20 seconds til midnight, so good timing. I wish I had just gone to the hockey party in Chilliwack. Maybe I would have actually had someone to make out with for the new year. That 18-year-old would be there and turning 19 at midnight so I wouldn't be a total child molester anymore.

On Wednesday I went to a bar with my friend. She had a baby 6 weeks ago and it was her first fun night out. We got a hotel room and everything and partied til 5. I also kissed the DJ. His name was "Storm," U know, like X-Men. The best part though was that even though my friend lost most of the baby weight already she still has a little belly so she wore these huge granny panties that held in her tum-tum. Not that there's anything wrong with grannies ... they're a hug for your bum.

Anyways ya, Tomorrow= First day at New Job= Danielle is SCARED SHITLESS!! Oh well what can ya do. And I have to wake up at like 6 which I'm not lookin forward too. At least I'm gonna be making fat money­. Cha-ching!!