Thursday, December 22, 2005

New job ... new sexy businesswoman clothes!

Well I've finally done it ... quit my job serving! I got a new job at a constuction company (no I'm not a butch, I'm working in the office) and I start January 2nd. I'm happy to be quitting 'cause we are short on managers so we keep having the owners manage and they can be real pricks sometimes.

Anyways last night was my friend's birthday and we went to Roosters and she got just SHITTERED. And the sad thing was that even though she couldn't even hold herself up it still didn't discourage guys from hitting on her. That is the lovely world we live in. I also got to sit right beside her while she hardcore made out with this guy in the limo. Thanks bud.

I also hit on 2 different guys last night ... I mean walked upto them and started a conversation. And I never just do that. I must be getting desperate. The first set of guys had this "I'm too cool" super-coolio attitude so I just walked away and the second one looked promising but I lost him. He's a twin from Burnaby.

I saw this guy I know there, and we used my phone to send his friends that were with him dirty text messages cause they wouldn't recognize my number. None of them really sent anything that great back though, which was dissapointing. I mean if someone sends me a dirty text I'm gonna send something interesting back.

Anyhoo it's almost Christmas and my friend is staying over Xmas eve so that should be interesting. And by interesting I mean a drunken good time.

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