Sunday, December 11, 2005

lickalotapuss to you too

My search for work is going o-tay. I've been on three interviews at three different agencies which have gone alright. I also had a call for a receptionist job at Just Ladies Fitness, but it would be the 5:15 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon shift and no way in hell will I drag my ass outta bed at 4:30 to go to work.

Last week was my staff party. It's the only nice thing they do for us all year and there's an open bar. The highlights included 2 guys falling off the bar, one onto the food table. It wasn't as fun as some years...probably because there isn't really anyone there I'm interested in making out with this year. Plus I had an interview the next day so I couldn't drink, which was a downer.

Another topic of interest this week is that my friend informed me that this guy who I used to really like (and fooled around with a couple times) told her that he wants to date her. I don't really like him like that anymore so I told her to go for it. I don't think they will work out anyways cause they have totally conflicting schedules, and he isn't exactly her type. She likes mature guys who are going somewhere and are gonna make lots of money... and well he's in construction. To give him credit though he is extremely good looking, like Brad Pitt sorta, and hes fun... And well she needs to get some so all the power to her.

Also last weekend was my other friend's staff party downtown. I got really hammered at the pub and by the time we got to the Roxy I just wanted to leave. Me and her went home and had a good chat and I threw up and ate some perogies and went to bed on a half folded out futon. It was cold so I took the furry hood off my winter jacket and was wearing it. Oh yah and I forgot, her boss gave me a dinosaur for Christmas and I named it LICKALOTAPUSS!

Anyways tonite is the Kanye West concert so that should be really good, and on Tuesday I think I'm going to the Ozone, which is totally a yucky bar but fun and cheap and that 18-year-old is gonna be there.

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