Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I ain't sayin she a golddigger ...

Sunday night was the Kanye West concert, and what a drunk night that was! We were a little luckier than our friend who almost got kicked out for blazing on the 2nd level.

The concert was really good. It was a fun show and we were cuttin a rug the whole time. Fantasia (that chick that won American Idol) was the opening act and she sucked ass. It was a lot of her not really singing but screaming the way all black girl singers do and she sounded like a cat in heat. Plus she kept yelling "I love you Vancouver!" I mean gimme a break, stop pretending you like us so we don't have to pretend we like you!

The next day my friend was mad at me 'cause I accidentally left open the door to her hamster cage and it got out and caused a ruckus. I felt really bad about it, but the dumb thing had gotten out before. Anyways she wants to give it away now, which I think is a good idea. A girl that is about to turn 21 does not need a pet hamster.

Anyways I got an email today saying that a one of my agencies has a position in Richmond and they are doing interviews tomorrow so I might head out there, but it depends on my work schedule. Plus she must have emailed me a few days ago and I didn't get it until today. THIS IS WHY WE USE THE PHONE FOR IMPORTANT THINGS PEOPLE! SO I GET THE MESSAGE RIGHT AWAY!

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