Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What have I gotten myself into?

A suspension from work ... that's what I've gotten myself into. Let me explain ....

It all started last weekend when I got asked to do promotions for a Star Wars Episode III DVD Release on Oct 31. Of course I wanted to see all the crazy Star Wars freaks so I got my shift covered at work. I got the girl who took my shift and a manager to sign the shift change book saying that she was taking the shift for me so I was free and clear to go promote my little heart out on Halloween.

Well, the night before Halloween the general manager tells me that the girl who picked up my shift is already scheduled to work that night and that it is MY responsibility to get the shift covered. I said that it wasn't my problem because I had followed all the rules and already gotten the shift book signed so it was the other girl's responsibility to get rid of the shift.

Fast forward to Halloween night. These Star Wars geeks are CRAZY!! One of them had his passport with him to proove the point that his legal name is actually ... drumroll please .... OBI WAN STARFLEET BAGGINS! Another actually had a Harry Potter lightning bolt tattoo on his forehead!

So ... onto the carnage. When I went to work the following morning the boss suspended me and I am NOT happy about it. Although they admitted that I did have my shift covered properly and I wasn't in trouble for missing a shift, apparently I shouldn't have given them "attitude."

So onto the rule of the day: Don't bother standing up for yourself when you are right ... just blindly do what your boss says anyways and you won't get into trouble and everyone will live happily ever after. Damn the man!

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