Sunday, November 20, 2005

on the island of misfit toys

Right now I'm at my friend's house in Victoria waiting for her to drive me to take the ferry back home. I came out here for a visit for her birthday.

My friend has a new bf named Tjerk. It sounds like "Jerek" (he's Dutch.) Da. Anyways they are constantly touching each other and making out and it makes me wanna barf. They do it in class too, I've been told. And at the dinner table.... I've been witness to that one. Oh and speaking of the dinner table, this one guy Tjerk knows came and sat at our table for five mins when we were at the restaurant having dinner, and my friend gave him a play-by-play of when I threw up the night before. I swear I wasn't that drunk... it was the cheese smokie!!

Last night her 60-year-old, lesbian landlord and her Japanese student were supposed to make us some curry shrimp but they bailed on us to go see the Santa Claus parade. I mean who's more important ... hot girls or Santa? Tough call.

This is the first time I've visited my friend and haven't made out with a boy. I had my eye on this half-Asian guy but it just didn't work out. I think I wasn't drunk enough to really bring out my A-game.

A good thing about last night was watching this guy get half raped by this girl that was just obliterated. She had managed to unbutton his shirt and me and my friend kept egging her on, like: "lick his bellybutton .... ok, ok, now his nipple!!" All the while we kept giving the guy the thumbs up.

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