Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Going to See a Man about a Pedi

This weekend I did promotions for the football street party again and it was rainy and cold and I froze my ass off. Then we went to the football game and I amused myself by slapping the belly of the shirtless guy behind me... who by the way kept petting my foam, orange football hat.

After the game we went and saw Matt Good Band in concert and they were pretty good. We missed the "MGM Grand" song though, which is my favourite.

On Sunday the guy I was cuddling with at the hockey party a few weeks ago called me. He had to go right away and said he'd call me back on Monday but he still hasn't. I think he's scared of me. A girl I work with said that I'm intimidating. I can see it. I am pretty scary.

I talked to one of my best friends yesterday. She jad gotten a new cell phone number and never gave it to me. Thanks friend! I think I'm gonna go visit her in Victoria next weekend which will be crazy becayse I always make it fun when I go there.

Right now I gotta get going cus it's this chick's last day at work and all us girls are gonna go get pedicures at some cheap, East Indian spa downtown.

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