Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Don't worry bloggy, I didn't forget about u

Well I haven't written on this thingamabob in a whole week and now I have to sit here and think hard about what I've been upto...

Friday night working at the restaurant sucked because the kitchen was so friggin SLOW. I had a table whose appys and entrees both took a long time and they complained that they were pissed off about the service ... well what am I supposed to do? Hop into the kitchen and make the food myself? RIIIGHT

I've been going on hardcore to try and find a job being a receptionist or an office assistant. I really wanna find a job where I can work 9-5 in a professional environment, and not have to wait on drunk assholes. I also want to give myself a reason to wear the oh-so-cute trousers I bought the other day. I had a phone interview where the lady said that I was friendly and it was good that I had customer service experience, but I think they wanted someone who had been a receptionist before. I mean come on... If I can do calculus I think I can type and answer the phone!

Tonight I was supposed to go see the Harry Potter movie with my friend but she got a ticket to the Canucks game at the last minute so she ditched me. I totally don't care beccause I would have ditched her too, plus I have a cold anyways so I should probably stay home and get over it.
This Saturday is my friend's work party and I'm going to it with her and then Tuesday is my work party so at least I have something to look forward to. Hopefully I can find someone to flirt out with at her party ... I need a pick-me-up.

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