Friday, November 04, 2005

dating ... grrr

Well I just got home from my date with the guy I met the other weekend and I had fun. He is nice and funny and fun to talk to but I just don't know what I think. That's how I always feel after a date ... I just don't know what I think. And then I end up just cutting them off. I don't know why I do it, but I do.

At the end of the date we were in the car and he was dropping me off and it was the whole uncomfortable "Is someone gonna make a move?" thing and then he moved in and I thought he was hugging me but maybe he went to kiss me, I really don't know... but I moved in for a hug and ended up getting an awkward hug with a kiss on the cheek. Weird.

I am really bad at this dating thing. I hate going on dates. I wish I could skip dating and just be going out with someone. It could be like high school where you just decided that you were boyfriend and girlfriend without dating first. That would be great. That is what works for me.

On another front... when we were at the restaurant one of my managers came in with one of the hostesses and they just happened to get seated at the booth directly across from ours and they were acting very friendly ... just a little hand holding but still ... it obviously wasn't their first date. Also, he's 26 or something and she's only 18. Muahahaha I LOVE knowing gossip first!!

Oh and by the way, we saw that movie "The History of Violence" and that guy Viggo totally has a stump tail like the guy on "Shallow Hal." Creepy.

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