Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Don't worry bloggy, I didn't forget about u

Well I haven't written on this thingamabob in a whole week and now I have to sit here and think hard about what I've been upto...

Friday night working at the restaurant sucked because the kitchen was so friggin SLOW. I had a table whose appys and entrees both took a long time and they complained that they were pissed off about the service ... well what am I supposed to do? Hop into the kitchen and make the food myself? RIIIGHT

I've been going on hardcore to try and find a job being a receptionist or an office assistant. I really wanna find a job where I can work 9-5 in a professional environment, and not have to wait on drunk assholes. I also want to give myself a reason to wear the oh-so-cute trousers I bought the other day. I had a phone interview where the lady said that I was friendly and it was good that I had customer service experience, but I think they wanted someone who had been a receptionist before. I mean come on... If I can do calculus I think I can type and answer the phone!

Tonight I was supposed to go see the Harry Potter movie with my friend but she got a ticket to the Canucks game at the last minute so she ditched me. I totally don't care beccause I would have ditched her too, plus I have a cold anyways so I should probably stay home and get over it.
This Saturday is my friend's work party and I'm going to it with her and then Tuesday is my work party so at least I have something to look forward to. Hopefully I can find someone to flirt out with at her party ... I need a pick-me-up.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just call me Demi ... or a puck bunny??

The ferry ride back from Victoria was uneventful. Then that night my friend Lola called and begged me to come out to the bar and since according to her I had to be a "baller" I obliged. She knows a couple of guys on the hockey team that was in town to play the Canucks so we were hanging out with them which was pretty cool. One of them was pretty good-lookin' and we danced and stuff....Then he told Lola that I was hot and he wanted to bang me and asked me to go back to his hotel room. As much as I'd love to be able to brag that I nailed an NHL player I had to tell him that I just wasn't that type of girl...

The night wasn't totally uneventful though, I did spend a lot of time cuddling with this one guy on the Chilliwack Chiefs. I kinda felt bad cause one of his teammates had called me to come out to the bar, but he left early so too bad for him...

That guy had told me he was 19, which isn't great but I can handle a guy a little younger .... but the next day at work I found out from one of the hostesses that he's actually 18. Born in friggin 1987!!! I'm a pervert! And he lied to me! But he told me he can get Canucks tickets any time he wants because he got drafted by them so I wanna make him take me to make up for lying... And I kinda wanna see him again in spite of the fact that hes so young. Why do I like 'em young??

Sunday, November 20, 2005

on the island of misfit toys

Right now I'm at my friend's house in Victoria waiting for her to drive me to take the ferry back home. I came out here for a visit for her birthday.

My friend has a new bf named Tjerk. It sounds like "Jerek" (he's Dutch.) Da. Anyways they are constantly touching each other and making out and it makes me wanna barf. They do it in class too, I've been told. And at the dinner table.... I've been witness to that one. Oh and speaking of the dinner table, this one guy Tjerk knows came and sat at our table for five mins when we were at the restaurant having dinner, and my friend gave him a play-by-play of when I threw up the night before. I swear I wasn't that drunk... it was the cheese smokie!!

Last night her 60-year-old, lesbian landlord and her Japanese student were supposed to make us some curry shrimp but they bailed on us to go see the Santa Claus parade. I mean who's more important ... hot girls or Santa? Tough call.

This is the first time I've visited my friend and haven't made out with a boy. I had my eye on this half-Asian guy but it just didn't work out. I think I wasn't drunk enough to really bring out my A-game.

A good thing about last night was watching this guy get half raped by this girl that was just obliterated. She had managed to unbutton his shirt and me and my friend kept egging her on, like: "lick his bellybutton .... ok, ok, now his nipple!!" All the while we kept giving the guy the thumbs up.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Going to See a Man about a Pedi

This weekend I did promotions for the football street party again and it was rainy and cold and I froze my ass off. Then we went to the football game and I amused myself by slapping the belly of the shirtless guy behind me... who by the way kept petting my foam, orange football hat.

After the game we went and saw Matt Good Band in concert and they were pretty good. We missed the "MGM Grand" song though, which is my favourite.

On Sunday the guy I was cuddling with at the hockey party a few weeks ago called me. He had to go right away and said he'd call me back on Monday but he still hasn't. I think he's scared of me. A girl I work with said that I'm intimidating. I can see it. I am pretty scary.

I talked to one of my best friends yesterday. She jad gotten a new cell phone number and never gave it to me. Thanks friend! I think I'm gonna go visit her in Victoria next weekend which will be crazy becayse I always make it fun when I go there.

Right now I gotta get going cus it's this chick's last day at work and all us girls are gonna go get pedicures at some cheap, East Indian spa downtown.

Friday, November 04, 2005

dating ... grrr

Well I just got home from my date with the guy I met the other weekend and I had fun. He is nice and funny and fun to talk to but I just don't know what I think. That's how I always feel after a date ... I just don't know what I think. And then I end up just cutting them off. I don't know why I do it, but I do.

At the end of the date we were in the car and he was dropping me off and it was the whole uncomfortable "Is someone gonna make a move?" thing and then he moved in and I thought he was hugging me but maybe he went to kiss me, I really don't know... but I moved in for a hug and ended up getting an awkward hug with a kiss on the cheek. Weird.

I am really bad at this dating thing. I hate going on dates. I wish I could skip dating and just be going out with someone. It could be like high school where you just decided that you were boyfriend and girlfriend without dating first. That would be great. That is what works for me.

On another front... when we were at the restaurant one of my managers came in with one of the hostesses and they just happened to get seated at the booth directly across from ours and they were acting very friendly ... just a little hand holding but still ... it obviously wasn't their first date. Also, he's 26 or something and she's only 18. Muahahaha I LOVE knowing gossip first!!

Oh and by the way, we saw that movie "The History of Violence" and that guy Viggo totally has a stump tail like the guy on "Shallow Hal." Creepy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What have I gotten myself into?

A suspension from work ... that's what I've gotten myself into. Let me explain ....

It all started last weekend when I got asked to do promotions for a Star Wars Episode III DVD Release on Oct 31. Of course I wanted to see all the crazy Star Wars freaks so I got my shift covered at work. I got the girl who took my shift and a manager to sign the shift change book saying that she was taking the shift for me so I was free and clear to go promote my little heart out on Halloween.

Well, the night before Halloween the general manager tells me that the girl who picked up my shift is already scheduled to work that night and that it is MY responsibility to get the shift covered. I said that it wasn't my problem because I had followed all the rules and already gotten the shift book signed so it was the other girl's responsibility to get rid of the shift.

Fast forward to Halloween night. These Star Wars geeks are CRAZY!! One of them had his passport with him to proove the point that his legal name is actually ... drumroll please .... OBI WAN STARFLEET BAGGINS! Another actually had a Harry Potter lightning bolt tattoo on his forehead!

So ... onto the carnage. When I went to work the following morning the boss suspended me and I am NOT happy about it. Although they admitted that I did have my shift covered properly and I wasn't in trouble for missing a shift, apparently I shouldn't have given them "attitude."

So onto the rule of the day: Don't bother standing up for yourself when you are right ... just blindly do what your boss says anyways and you won't get into trouble and everyone will live happily ever after. Damn the man!