Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm a virgin

My first blog ever .... here goes ..

I worked today at the restaurant and it wasn't busy and I didn't even sell $100. These brown guys tipped me $3.22 on a $55 bill - cheapasses.

Yesterday I went to a dental hygiene info session at the College. It was kinda boring cus I already knew all that stuff but it did make me feel kinda good about myself cus I'm pretty sure I was the smartest one there. While I was downtown I went to dinner with my friend and we got the best parking spot ever ... directly in front of the restaurant.

I also bought a new pair of shoes yesterday to replace the one that someone stole at the party on Sunday. I know .... WHO STEALS ONE SHOE?? And when I bought them they were on sale and now they aren't so I had to pay 20 extra bucks to get new ones. Fuckers.

Anyways I think that should be enough for my first blog entry EVER. Time to go watch Ryan come back from the dead on All My Children.

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