Monday, October 24, 2005

Crazy Weekend

Today I saw this guy that I sorta "dumped" the other day (cause I'm almost 22 and he just turned 19 )... well he is NOT taking it well and I feel bad for breaking his little 19-year-old heart. My new mission is to find him a girlfriend his age. Perhaps a hostess would do nicely if I can find one that's not too slutty.

Saturday I fulfilled my lifelong dream: I DONNED A TIM HORTONS COFFEE CUP COSTUME AND RAN AN OBSTABLE COURSE ON THE FIELD AT A BC LIONS GAME IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE STADIUM!! Yes, to some this may sound embarassing and silly .... but they don't realize just how cool I am.

After the game we hit up the pub whereI got hit on by a guy. He wanted to give me his number and I was like, "No buddy, I don't phone guys, they phone me. So, If you want to hang out or something then I can give you my number and you can call me." And he says, "I don't phone people." So I laugh at him and tell him he's funny. WHO HITS ON A GIRL AND MAKES HER DO ALL THE WORK? He was a hockey player anyways so he's obviously got an "I'm the greatest" complex and is used to girls falling all over him. On the bright side I did give my number to another guy that night too so we'll see what happens.

On Sunday at work my boss yelled at me for not taking side plates and cutlery to a table. It was my ex's table though, so for all I care he can eat with his hands off the damn floor. I don't see why he doesn't just go to a different restaurant.

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